Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th March 2023 Written Update


Sahiba’s graha pravesh ritual is not right to make a bride stand outside the house, according to Daarji. Daarji asks Veer to sing a song for his SIL. Veer does. Manveer performs the ritual. Inder says this is the end of someone’s dreams and everyone should mourn instead of celebrate.

Prabjot asks Angad to stop Manveer. Angad stops him. Prabjot asks Ekam to drop oil at the corners of the door. She does. Gurleen asks Angad and Sahiba to enter now.

The Mongas return home to find decorations with their family photos and a welcome note. Keerat says Sahiba had requested Kulcha to decorate as she couldn’t attend Seerat’s wedding.

Sahiba refused to talk to her during farewell because she always loved Seerat and ignored Sahiba her whole life. According to Ajith, her heinous acts have angered Sahiba and all of them, so it is good that Sahiba doesn’t talk to her.

As Santosh tries to call Sahiba, Ajith grabs the phone and says, “She has always dumped her burdens on her and has never shown a motherly love to her.” Sahiba has taken the right decision to stop talking to her. He asks Keerat not to let Santosh call Sahiba. Keerat says she won’t speak to Santosh about what she did today. Santosh says she’s her mother. Ajith claims her greed has lost respect.

If Sahiba is to stay at Brar’s house, Manveer tells her that she will have to end her relationship with her parents. Manveer says she does not want a fraud family associated with her again. Sahiba refuses to accept her order. Daarji says she cannot force anything on Sahiba. Sahiba remembers her father’s advice to be strong always and accepts Manveer’s condition.

In response to Angad’s taunts that greedy Sahiba can do anything to stay here, Sahiba admits she has a condition to accept Manveer’s condition. Manveer asks what that condition is. Sahiba explains that everyone should break ties with their parental families then. Everyone says it’s impossible. Angad starts his arrogant behaviour again. Daarji supports Sahiba. She says her family is breaking up with Sahiba’s entry. According to Daarji, Sahiba just said she couldn’t break ties with her family and wasn’t wrong.

Ajith tells Santosh that Sahiba won’t pick up her call and asks her to stop convincing herself. Santosh breaks down and vents her frustration on Seerat’s photo.

In her sleep, Seerat calls Santosh and Sahiba for water and aloe vera juice. After waking up and remembering her family’s love for her, she smiles and thinks how glad Santosh will be to see her married to Garry.

Sahiba asks Manveer and Angad not to worry as she is from a middle-class family and can adjust anywhere. She questions a maid and discovers a storeroom far from Angad’s room.

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