Anupama 26th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 26th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Shah family expressed their frustration upon finding out that Samar had signed a contract with Malti Devi. Kinjal assumed that Malti Devi must have used blackmail to secure the contract. Toshu questioned Samar about how he could make a deal with their mother’s enemy, as Anupama had high expectations for him. Dimpy interjected, reminding Toshu that Samar was not one to sit idle and rely on his wife’s income like Toshu does. Kinjal became upset by this comment and warned…

It is suggested that Dimpy shuts her mouth, does not disrespect elders, and does not interfere with brothers. Leela says no one should talk to Dimpy because otherwise their manners will lapse. Kinjal says Toshu is older than Dimpy and she has no right to insult him. Dimpy is insulting Leela’s BIL and will insult her FIL tomorrow. Kavya says she understands the desperation of being jobless, but cannot shake hands with an enemy.

Vanraj reassures Samar that there must be a valid reason for his actions, as he knows him to be the responsible one in the family. But Samar exclaims his frustration at the expectation of being the “good kid”, when he neither wants nor can fulfill it according to their standards. He voices his resentment towards how they only value blind obedience and hold him to a higher standard than other children. He questions why signing a contract with Malti Devi is considered wrong, when he came to them and informed them about it.

Samar says he saw the offer rather than the one who gave it. Anuj says everyone makes mistakes, but don’t destroy your own mother with the aid of an enemy. Vanraj asks what if Malti Devi traps him. Samar says it’s not a money deal to get jailed, but a job offer.

Dimpy followed mummy’s advice, accepted Malti Devi’s offer. Leela is too young to understand. Samar tells her not to speak about it to Dimpy. He isn’t foolish enough to accept the offer blindly. Maybe he can resolve issues between mummy and Malti Devi and help her make up for the losses incurred by mummy. Anuj wonders why no one mentions the amount of losses caused by Anu. He suggests that Samar should speak to his new boss and request a detailed breakdown of the losses, promising to pay back tenfold.

In spite of being hurt by Anu, Malti Devi wants revenge on him. Samar says that working with Malti Devi may heal her wounds. Anuj says he can’t see his mother’s wounds because he has grown up so big. Anupama tells Samar he took up a job thinking about her, but he can go wrong, so let him and Dimpy work for Malti Devi right now. He says Malti Devi is doing this for her own interests and will harm him and Dimpy.

It reminds Anupama of Malti Devi’s challenge. Vanraj says he doesn’t need to do anything for Anupama. Vanraj says he has always sided with mummy since childhood; he wants to change his perception and think on his own. Kinjal says his perception is wrong. Samar says let him walk, he will fall down. Samar asks Anupama to trust him. Malti Devi challenged Anupama to destroy her kids, while Samar was frustrated.

Malti Devi informs Nakul that she has hired Samar Shah as a new dancer. Curious, Nakul asks if he is Anupama’s son. Malti Devi confirms that Samar and his partner Dimpy have already signed a contract to take over their Indian gurukul when they move to the USA. Anuj remarks that Malti Devi is seeking revenge on Anupama indirectly by recovering their losses through events organized with their USA counterparts. He emphasizes that as artists, they do not believe in seeking revenge. Malti Devi adds that Anupama ruined her reputation and will apparently accept any consequences with a smile, but her true intention is to hurt her mentally through her children. Nakul disagrees and believes that while Anupama may have made mistakes, it does not justify Malti Devi’s actions.

As a result of Anupama’s advice, Samar must take care of himself, work hard, not be distracted by Guru Maa’s complaints, not make mistakes even by mistakes, and not let her and Guru Maa’s fight affect his work. Samar apologizes for overreacting, he is tired of hearing himself called a good kid, but he is still mummy’s good child. He promises to never disappoint her. Toshu says he already has and is simply trying to justify his wrong decision.

As Hasmukh says, whether right or wrong, they belong to them and should be blessed for their new endeavors. CA walks to Anupama and says she prepared a list of invitees for the baby shower. She said a long list and said sorrow haunted them often, but they needed to find a way to happiness. Anuj says to his bebli they will have a lavish baby shower ceremony. Anupama fears her dream won’t come true.

Afterwards, Anupama and Anuj discuss that Malti Devi must be behind all the incidents, she should seek revenge against them and not the kids, and Samar is a fool who doesn’t understand Malti Devi’s plot. After recalling her nightmare, Anupama says that she will never let Guru Maa harm her children, etc… etc… etc…


Samar calls Anupama. The baby is noticed by Malti Devi on her doorstep. Kavya thinks she should reveal the truth to V, and Anupama fears something will go wrong.

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