Anupama 14th February 2024 Written Episode: Anuj and Shruti’s Emotional Confrontation

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Anuj inquires about Shruti’s current activity, while some unknown individual comes to Anupama’s rescue and reminds her to exercise caution. Anupama expresses her gratitude and apologizes for any inconvenience caused. Anuj checks on Shruti’s well-being and questions whether he would have remained unscathed had their roles been reversed. Anuj struggles to find the right words to comfort Shruti, who says she must release her pent-up frustration. She demands an explanation for why no one informed her about Anupama’s predicament and why Aadhya kept it a secret. Feeling like a fool for wanting to spend her birthday with him, Shruti begins to realize the gravity of the situation and how this may be her final birthday celebration. In an attempt to soothe her, Anuj embraces her gently.

Anupama collides with Kinjal. Kinjal sees her crying and asks what happened. She thinks Mummy is not at the restaurant and feels if she is with Anuj, she won’t leave her for breaking Shruti’s heart. Anuj and Shruti are sitting in the open restaurant. He lights the pastry with fire and asks her to make a wish. She cries, cuts it, and asks if he will leave her. Anuj is taken aback. Shruti hugs him.

A smile spreads across Dimpy’s face when she sees Titu’s message. Vanraj asks what happened. Dimpy says nothing, but she will take water and take it. Kinjal asks Anupama to speak. According to Anupama, Anuj and I had met today and were coping with our pain, but Shruti came and asked how she would handle it. She says I had left his life, realizing I wasn’t fit for him and why life wanted to unite us. When she had separated from them, she explained why fate had brought them together.

She says she doesn’t want Aadhya and Shruti punished for no reason and says Anuj was marrying Shruti and was happy, and I came between them. She regrets bringing a storm into their lives. Kinjal asks her not to blame herself for it. She says Anuj apologizes for hurting her on her birthday and for giving her so much pain. As he says, I didn’t want to hurt you, and I wanted to tell you everything about my past, but I waited until your birthday passed to avoid creating conflict.

I had been waiting to meet Anupama for five years before she called me, so when she did, whatever I felt for her came out of my mouth. He says I shouldn’t have met her today, but what should I do? Anupama did not want to meet me, but I forced her to. He assures her that he never hides anything from you. During the food festival meeting, he told her that Joshi Ben is Anupama.

He states that Aadhya and I should have notified you that I have been living my life for Aadhya for five years and that she hated Anu, so I did not take her name. Aadhya’s name was Choti Anu, and she hated Anupama so much that she called herself Aadhya. The man says that when Anupama called me, I couldn’t stop myself and was selfish. She says that this is love. Anuj says yes, it is love. Kinjal asks if Anupama will leave such a good job and the people. She tells him to move on and forget her past. She says she doesn’t need to go far to separate from him.

Anuj reveals that Anu has left a lasting imprint on his heart. While he doesn’t think of her in front of others, she is always on his mind when he is alone. He admits he may not have made the best choice but cannot imagine loving anyone besides Anu. He expresses remorse. Shruti comments on how fortunate Anupama is to have his love. Anuj agrees but adds that they are both unlucky because although they have found love in each other, they lack the support and closeness they desire. They were often caught up in troubles and constantly had to resolve them when they were together. He concludes that their love was not blessed with luck. Shruti interjects, stating that her unlucky fate with love surpasses theirs.


Anuj asks Shruti if she will hold Anupama’s hand if Aadhya says she is ready to accept him. Later, Shruti comes to Anupama and says AK/Anuj… she says his AK. Shruti says we are complete once you complete him.

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