Anupama 28th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Yashdeep’s Support and Anuj’s Concerns

Anupama written update

Anupama 28th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The pain in Tiya’s body sometimes breaks the person and sometimes makes the person like a mountain, according to Yashdeep, who tells Tiya that she is fighting death entirely. In comparison to Tiya’s pain, Anupama says my pain seems less. Anupama says we should look at the water in the glass instead of thinking it is empty. Anupama says you have said the right thing. As she walks, Yashdeep holds her as she slips. Toshu and Anuj watch them.

Toshu says Mummy is so happy with her boss and explains who gets a chef job in a good restaurant easily in this country. The woman is your mother, and anyone can slip on the road. They arrive in front of Anupama and Yashdeep. Anuj tells Yashdeep he wanted to call him, and it’s good he found him here. Anupama says that she’ll go. Yashdeep asks her to come for the staff meeting and says they’ll go together.

When Dimpy tells Kavya that Ansh has stolen stationery from his friend again, she asks how to make him understand. The kids need time to change, and Kavya says if a mother takes one step, the child will take four steps, too. She says Ansh’s matter is small, but Titu’s is big. Dimpy says she doesn’t want to think about him. Kavya asks what about your happiness? She says life and destiny have always been wrong with her.

She pushes Kavya, saying she does not want to think. She then hugs her as she sees Kavya about to fall. Dimpy says she has a lot of responsibilities, Papa’s anger, Ansh’s stubbornness, and Pakhi’s madness, and she is tempted to leave but stops thinking about Ansh. During their conversation, Kavya asks her not to think about Pakhi and says Titu loves her. She says Babu ji, and I will convince Vanraj. Pakhi hears them.

Anuj sees Yashdeep and Anupama sitting. The last event did not take place, but now the food festival is taking place again, and many people are coming from all over the world. He says you will get good exposure in this carnival. Anuj pleads in front of them to keep their employees since he is a businessman and considers his profits. He asks Yashdeep to think about his business.

Pakhi tells Vanraj she wants to marry Titu and think about her future. Vanraj asks her to leave. Pakhi says she’ll do something on her own. Yashdeep thanked Anuj and said we wouldn’t take this opportunity because we would not be comfortable. As a result of my issue, Anupama says you decided not to participate in this event and that she feels they should do so.

She tells him that his restaurant sheltered her, and she will pray for his business to prosper. She asks him to participate in the event, citing that he has also suffered losses. The mamma is right. Yashdeep agrees. Anupama informs Anuj that they will take part in the event. Anuj says it’s his pleasure. It’s going to be a blast, says Yashdeep.

Just as Titu looks at Dimpy’s video/pic, Dimpy appears. He asks why you came here. She says Kavya sent me. He says Kavya understands my pain and asks why you came to the hotel now, as someone might think it’s a mistake. As Dimpy hugs him, he asks why you love me so much. As he takes his phone, he finds Dimpy not there. He thinks his imagination is at work. He sees someone standing at the door just as he knocks on it.

Yashdeep takes charge of the arrangements and delegates to Anupama, reminding her that he cannot handle cooking and business alone. Anupama suggests discussing the menu with Vikram. Yashdeep mentions receiving official confirmation from her by tomorrow. As Anuj extends his hand for a handshake, Yashdeep reciprocates while Anupama folds her hands in gratitude. In concern, Anuj warns her to be careful on the slippery floor. Yashdeep reassures her that he will catch her if she falls. The two bid farewell, and as they walk away, Anuj is lost in thoughts of poetry and his feelings for Anupama. She catches his gaze before leaving.


Pari and Anupama make an anklet together. A student tells her that the other student is bigger. Anupama says age doesn’t matter, but hard work, determination, and obsession do. Anuj calls her. She calls him Mr. Kapadia. The word Mr. made him feel stranger than he had felt for five years. She tells him to speak to Yashdeep. He says he wants to talk to her.

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