Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd February 2024 Written Episode: Angad’s Concern for Sahiba


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The maid speaks to Garry and asks why he didn’t tell her he sent the heater to Sahiba. Angad calls Garry and thanks him for showing his concern for Sahiba. He says Angad would have rejected it because Sahiba helped him a lot when he was in need and now it’s his turn to help Sahiba when she needs it.

Though he no longer trusts Garry, he recognizes that Garry’s concern for Sahiba is genuine. Garry says he is concerned for Sahiba, but not more than Angad, as they love each other immensely and stand by each other in need like a pillar. Angad should be beside Sahiba in this situation since he needs him more than medicine.

In response to their conversation, Veer with Seerat says they can’t give Sahiba hypnotic powder since Angad will be watching her. Despite their efforts, Seerat says they won’t be able to turn Sahiba insane. Veer says Angad won’t be guarding Sahiba everywhere, he knows how to drug her again. After moving into Angad’s room, Jassi gives medicine to Sahiba and says her condition is improving. Sahiba says she can’t forget Angad slapping her, and their relationship won’t be the same as before.

Angad is contacted by a lab technician who informs him that the powder he sent for testing is illegal and causes hallucinations. The doctor explains how a person gets hallucinations that someone is trying to harm their dear ones, and so they attack others to protect them. In Angad’s memory, Sahiba attempted to jump from the balcony, and Jasleen informed him that Sahiba hallucinated that a pillar would fall on him and harm Manveer.

Angad asks if someone can give this powder to others without their knowledge, and the doctor says that it is colorless, odorless, and can be mixed easily with food and water. In simple terms, the powder can turn an individual wholly insane and even kill them. Sahiba must have been given this drug by someone else, Angad thinks.

When Sahiba wakes up, Angad stops her and tells her he will test her food and water first and then give them to her. Sahiba asks why. Angad says the doctor instructed him to do so. After a while, Angad notices someone walking suspiciously outside the room and follows them. Veer misleads and gets him out of the room while Seerat tries to get Sahiba a last dose into her room.

Garry catches her outside Angad and Sahiba’s room and asks what she’s doing. Angad asks the guards if anyone has gone outside. Seerat nervously tells him that she has come to check on her sister. Garry says that she sent Sahiba to a mental asylum and now acts as if she is concerned about her. Their argument begins. Angad questions guards if someone went outside. He warns her not to interfere with their lives or else he will turn back to old Garry and force her to leave from there.

Veer meets Seerat and informs him that she couldn’t give powder to Sahiba since Garry caught her and sent her away, so he got suspicious of her. Angad becomes more suspect. Veer fumes that his efforts went in vain. Angad is supposed to be sent away from Sahiba tomorrow to carry out their plan.


Sahiba asks what Angad is saying to Seerat. He explains that he knows she still loves him, and he suggests they forget the past and marry. Angad asks Seerat if she wants to hear this, drags her out of the house, and closes the door. Seerat says he shouldn’t have taken a curse from a loveless woman.

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