Anupama Written update of 19th Feb 2023

Anupama written update

Anupama written update S1 E837 of 19th Feb, 2023

This episode begins with Anupama praying at the Shah house. Kinjal too joins her. Kinjal asks Anupama if she is being selfish by leaving Toshu at home and going to office because Baa is accusing her of being selfish. Anupama says people are used to seeing people in certain roles and if they do anything different from that then Society is not able to accept it. Anupams says we will do our best for Toshu but in this effort, we should not forget to take care of ourselves. We will get a male nurse for Toshu.

Anuj reaches home to see that Little Anu and Maaya have made a cardboard castle and they are playing. Anu announces that she is a princess and Anuj is King and Maaya is Queen.

Anupama and Kavya are in the kitchen making breakfast for the kids. Anupama looks at Kavya and realizes something is amiss with Kavya. Kavya says Baa and Vanraj don’t seem to be happy with anything she does. Kavya has now decided to only focus on her career. Anupama appreciates everything that Kavya is doing for the house and for the love she has shown her kids.

Dimple comes to the Kapadia house with some food cooked by Anupama. Maaya comes with a tray of food but nobody seems interested in what she has made.

Anupama gathers the Shah family together. She has ordered a bell for Toshu so that he can ring the bell whenever he needs something. She also informs them that she has called for a male nurse but Baa objects to that. She finally agrees to keep him for a day after Anupama insists and if she does not like him then she will send him away.

Little Anu makes a video call to Anupama and while talking Maaya comes and stands behind Anuj and Little Anu. Maaya shows extra care towards Little Anu while they are on a video call. The Shah family also keep telling Anupama to disconnect the call soon as they have other work to do.

Anupama informs them that she has made a PPT delegating work to the entire family so that nobody is burdened at home. She says if everyone shares and manages the work everything will get balanced.

Anupama serves dinner for everyone and then gets ready to go home. Baa is upset and says Anupama cannot go.

Little Anu is missing Anupama and says she wants to meet Anupama.

Baa says if Anupama goes then something will definitely go wrong in the house. Anupama refused to stay saying that her husband needs her and also her daughter and she has to go home.

Maaya makes a chocolate cake and decorated the table. She is happy that there are only three of them to enjoy.

Precap: While they are getting ready to cut the cake Anupama arrives.

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