Pandya Store 19th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Shesh asks Chutki what he is doing here. She says I will also trouble you. She runs and hides. Chiku stops Shesh. He gets inside the tempo to retrieve the marbles. Mittu, Chiku, and Rishita also help him. The man drives the tempo. Dhara is shocked and shouts. Chutki says the truck is moving. Dhara worries. Mittu shouts Mummy. Rishita asks where the kids are.

Chutki runs after the tempo. Dhara also runs after Chutki. Dhara says the girls went in the truck, come with me. Rishita says no, she won’t leave Shweta. Dhara says Shweta has the money bag.

Dhara calls Gautam. She asks him to come fast, the three kids sat in a tempo, it’s going ahead. He asks what, I’m reaching. Shweta says leave my hand, Rishita says you’ll be at a loss today, I won’t leave you. Natasha gets tired. Dhara asks what are you doing here. Chutki says they went in the truck. Dhara agrees.

She says you think you will get Chutki this way, you are wrong, I am not making any excuses, anything can happen to her. Rishita scolds her. Gautam comes to Dhara and asks her to sit in the auto. Chutki thinks Dhara will complain to my mother. Dhara asks Gautam to follow the truck. She says she will drop Natasha home. It’s time to get Chutki, Rishita says. Shweta worries. They argue. Shweta tells her to forget Chutki. Chutki runs away. Dhara leaves in an auto. Shweta breaks the handcuffs. Rishita says to get Chutki and take your money.

Seeing Rishita, Chutki hides. She says she’ll scold me for making the kids sit in the truck. Shweta says I need to find Chutki. Dhara asks the driver to sit in the backseat. She races the auto-rickshaw. Shweta looks for Chutki and Dhara asks the driver to keep calm. Shweta gets the divorce paper. She gets shocked. She thanks Lord and says I have to find Natasha. Rishita cries and hugs Suman.

The Chutki wasn’t there, Shweta didn’t give it to us, Chutki wasn’t there. Suman says calm down, Chutki will come back. Raavi asks if Shweta asks for more money, then… Suman says we will sell this house, it’s just a building without you all. Raavi asks where the kids and Dhara are, and Rishita recalls Dhara. They were playing in a truck, she replies.


Shweta comes home and shows the legal document. She says Krish and I did not divorce until now. Rishita says we will call the police. Shweta says we will call the police, and I will tell Natasha the whole truth.

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