Meet 18th February 2023 Written Update

Now we will begin the first ritual of Valentine’s Day. Every couple will sit together and look into each other’s eyes; whoever blinks first will lose. Jasodha says okay and starts playing with Sarkar. Meet looks at the alcohol and says everyone will be drunk after having it. Meet sees Mahendra and Narendra drinking alcohol.

In response to Sarkar’s statement, Jasodha gets emotional. Everyone applauds Sarkar’s win. Jasodha asks the next couple to walk in. Narendra and Gunwanti play. Narendra says to Gunwanti, “I’m so glad you looked at me with love.” She blushes. Meet says every woman in this house believes that she is less competent than her husband.

As Manmeet turns around to drink, Meet passes him the glass. Manmeet says I don’t trust you, you might have mixed something into my drink and asks her to take a sip. Meet drinks alcohol to prove him wrong. He adds some ice to his glass. The real catch isn’t in the drink, but in the ice cube, and one cube will make everyone drunk. When Manmeet finishes his drink, Meet turns to him and says I believe in winning games, but today I am happy to lose with you.

Outside the home, Sarkar signs documents from the lawyer informer. Meet outside home sees Sarkar signing documents and says I believe no one will read the document or my plan will fail. Sarkar drunkenly looks at the document but everything seems blurry to him and asks Meet to read it for him. Chanda says now he reads it and Sarkar will know it’s your name. Meet finds catapult in a tree, breaks light bulb. Sarkar takes documents from him and walks towards Manmeet.

Everyone inside is drunk. Manmeet has documents and asks Narendra to read them to him. Meet enters and says let’s begin the second ritual. Narendra’s first wife pukes on the floor. Everyone gets distracted because of her. Meet finds documents on the floor and grabs them, burying them in a box. Jasodha walks up to her and asks her to clean herself. Despite turning around, Meet couldn’t find the box.

In a call with Chanda, Meet informs him that I am unable to locate the box with the documents. Imarti approaches the gate. Meet stops her and asks about the box. Manmeet asks everyone to look for the box. Jasodha asks everyone to look for the box. Chanda on a call with Meet says the situation has gotten worse, everyone is looking for the box. If someone finds it, my plan will fail.

When Manmeet arrives at Meet, he asks what happened, are you looking for the box, and shows her the box inside his shirt. Taking the box, Meet says, “This is not your wife’s box, let me have it.” Manmeet says he won’t give you the box, so you have to take it from me. While he is drunk, Meet says she doesn’t have time, she needs to take the box from him. A man approaches Manmeet and says Shagun is waiting for him upstairs. In confusion, Manmeet goes upstairs.

As Manmeet searches for Shagun upstairs, he sees someone walking toward him. He says Shagun, come hug me. Meet disguised as Shagun says today is Valentine’s Day and she has to come for you. Manmeet asks Meet to remove her veil. Meet says I took an oath like your mother and you can only see my face when Meet is out of Sarkar’s palace and I heard she wrote your name on her chest.

Now Manmeet asks Meet what I should do to show you how much I love you, should I write your name on my body? She asks Manmeet to write her name on her hand. Manmeet drunkenly says I’ll write your name on your chest. As he writes his name on her, he gets very happy. Meet stops him and says write your name on every page you send me, all the letters, diary entries, cards, everything. Meet gets photos, diary, and documents. Manmeet writes his name on everything, even factory documents.

Manmeet falls to the ground drunk. Meet says I promised you that I would take all the documents with me, today you lost and I won, she looks at the document and says now Meet Ahlawat’s dream will come true, she throws the photo and diary on him.


Chanda sees Meet’s factory documents and says I’m finally free.

Manmeet says to Meet if I see you in Sarkarpur then I will ruin your life and the lives of your family.

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