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They pray in the temple. Suman asks where they are taking Chiku. Dhara says she will take Chiku if you want her. She is willing to sacrifice everything for Chutki’s sake. Rishita wants Chiku to go with us. She hugs Chiku. Dhara says to be careful, I want my entire family to be back. Raavi prays for Chiku that nothing bad happens to him. Shesh says he will also come. Rishita says just come fast. They leave. Shiva questions them. Shweta is remembered.

He says Shweta ran away with Chutki, where is she? Raavi says she is here, come here. She calms him down. She administers his medicine. Raavi says since Chutki went, Shiva is in this state, despite knowing he will be attacked here, I am here, hoping Shiva will get better once Chutki returns.

Raavi says I will decorate the house well, who knows maybe my life will also improve. Suman says your life will get better, and everyone’s life will improve. She asks Shiva to help Raavi decorate the house, and then Chutki will come. Suman cries. Shweta tells Natasha not to open the door and stay in her room.

Dhara locks her and then brings the kids to the spot. She insists on keeping Chiku with her, unwilling to risk it. She asks them to sit in the car. Rishita says that if Shweta wants Chiku, Dhara responds by saying that she may not have given birth to him, but she is his mother and therefore wonders if an innocent kid deserves such unjust treatment for someone else’s intent. She further adds that if Chutki can be recognised as their daughter after being away for 7 years, then why isn’t Chiku her son too?

She cries and says I m enough to love my son, I will raise him. Shweta welcomes Dhara and Rishita. She gets the money bag. Rishita asks where Chutki is. Shweta says to have patience. Chutki notices the kids outside the hotel. She asks Shweta to open the door.

Counting the money is okay with Dhara. She counts it to help. Chutki goes outside to play with the kids. Rishita asks Shweta where Chutki is. Shweta gives her two minutes, she’ll get her. She calls Natasha.

In the meantime, Chutki goes to the kids. Rishita and Dhara come there. Rishita asks where Chutki is. Shweta says I will get her. Rishita handcuffs her. She asks where Chutki is. Shweta thinks of how to find Natasha.


I will take my revenge, 50 lakhs and Chutki as well. Rishita asks will Shweta return my Chutki. Dhara says one side is Chutki, and the other side are my kids. Shweta threatens Rishita and gets freed. Dhara sees the kids going in a tempo and becomes shocked.

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