Pandya Store 17th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Shiva asks why you are talking to him like that when he is sleeping. Dhara says he isn’t old Gautam anymore, I am going alone. Dev says I will come along. Suman hears the kids talking. Mittu runs and hides behind Raavi, saying Natasha ran on her own. Mittu says Natasha ran on her own, I’m telling the truth. Raavi says you are lying. Mittu says I went to get food.

She tells Mittu not to get scared, no one will do anything to you, you should say the truth, the door is locked, where did Natasha run. Chiku says from the window. Dev asks how she jumped and ran. Shesh says her mum came to take her. Dhara asks why she came from the window. Chiku says she said Natasha loves surprises and didn’t want to wake anyone up.

Dhara says you all kept my daughter safe, thanks. Dev asks how a mum could be so careless. Raavi says she might be from a big city. Suman says I had to take a selfie with Natasha. Rishita says she came and took her child, we didn’t even know, the house isn’t safe for kids, I feel worried. Shesh will not be hurt. Rishita takes Shesh. Dhara says you lied to me. Do not talk to me, Chiku.

Shesh looks on. Rishita recalls Natasha. She says Natasha came here, then Shweta came here, is Natasha our Chutki? Shweta waits for Rishita’s call. Rishita and Dev feel helpless. She says my daughter is alive. I am unable to get her. Dev says I didn’t think of that, why would any mum take her daughter like that? She might be Chutki. To clear up the doubt, Dev says we will show Shweta’s picture to Shesh. Rishita agrees. Shesh invites the kids over. After showing Shweta’s picture, Rishita asks Natasha’s mum if she looks like that.

Shesh sees some other picture and says it’s not Natasha’s mom. Dhara calls. She says it’s good you called, we have to put the ad in the newspaper. The kids play. Rishita scolds Dhara. Shweta asks Natasha to drink milkshake. Natasha refuses. She gets stubborn and asks for chewing gun. She says you are a bad mom. Dhara gets the money from someone. She thanks the man. Rishita asks what happened that you are smiling. Dhara shows her the money. Dev worries. Rishita calls her heartless.

You think Krish and I caused Chutki’s loss, think one of us has eased the burden, Krish sent this money, he is still the same, he loves the family, he cares for Chutki. Rishita leaves. Shweta says good, I will get chewing gum for you, what’s that paper. Natasha says it’s mine, I got it from those boys. Shweta gets Rishita’s call. Dhara says send me the address.

Shweta asks you did you arrange 50 lakhs. Dhara says you think I will call to talk lovey dovey things, send the address, keep Chutki ready, we will take her. Shweta gets happy. Dhara gets the message. She says we got the address, I’ll call you, Dev and Gautam come with us. Shweta says come, I’ll prepare Chutki.

Dhara asks why he would go there. Shweta says let’s dance, baby. They dance. Rishita says she doesn’t care about anyone, she just wants her daughter.


Rishita asks Shweta if she will return my Chutki. Dhara replies that one side is Chutki and the other side is my kids.

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