Pandya Store 13th October 2023 Written Episode: Natasha’s Anguish Deepens as Suman’s Health Deteriorates

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode commences with the doctor informing that Suman has been put on a ventilator. Natasha, taken aback, questions why, as Suman seemed fine earlier in the day. The doctor explains that due to her advanced age and recent heart attack, her organs are not functioning correctly. Concerned, Natasha learns that they need to procure medicines from Mumbai. Feeling anxious, Natasha is urged by the doctor to try arranging for the medicine. Meanwhile, Chiku asserts that his protective instincts as a brother have been stirred, emphasizing that any brother would rise to defend his sister when she’s in distress. Dhawal arrives on the scene, observing the situation.

Chiku informs Amrish that his actions have caused harm to Chutki, which has resulted in Daama’s heart attack and her hospitalization. He expresses concern that if anything were to happen to her, Amrish and his brothers would face consequences. In response, Amrish addresses Chiku as Yashodan Pandya, also known as Chiku. Dhawal inquires about Suman’s well-being, and Shesh reveals that she is in the hospital and her condition is severe. Upon hearing this news, Dhawal immediately rushes to see Suman. Chabeli confirms that he has gone to the hospital, while Amba adds that he is trying to resolve the matter as he cannot act against his family. Amrish questions why Chiku did not disclose his true identity sooner.

She asks Neetu for help with the medicine. Chiku says everything has its own time, so I didn’t feel it necessary to mention it. Shesh receives Natasha’s call. He says yes, we will come soon. He says we have to go fast and arrange medicine for Suman. Chiku leaves. Natasha says I feel useless. When Dhawal sees Natasha crying, she gets angry and pushes him. They fall over the stretcher. Rukh zindagi ne mod liya kaisa…. They fall.

According to Amba, the gentleman in question is Chiku. This worries me because it could cause harm to Natasha’s Daama, and we may be held responsible for it. Amrish reassures me that he won’t let anything happen but questions why someone like Yashodan Pandya would want to destroy his store. Dhawal checks in on me, but Natasha interrupts and reprimands him. He inquires about Suman’s well-being, which only angers her more. She blames him for Suman’s presence and accuses him of trying to take her life away from them. During this exchange, she received a call from Mumbai regarding medicine. Dhawal overhears and speculates about whether she plans to move there.

Dhawal inquires with the doctor about Suman’s well-being, to which the doctor provides a detailed update. Wondering if he can assist, Dhawal asks if he could arrange an injection. The doctor suggests finding a proficient heart specialist and emphasizes the situation’s urgency. With that, Dhawal takes his leave. Natasha expresses her disappointment in Dhawal for leaving her when she needed him the most, vowing never to forgive him. Amba chimes in, remarking on Natasha’s knack for attracting trouble and questioning why she disclosed sensitive family information when their elderly grandmother could have been affected. Bhaven shifts the focus from Suman to the Pandya store predicament, highlighting the potential legal owner, Yashodhan Pandya, and what it would mean for their chances of acquiring the property.

Don’t worry, Chiku says I’ll get the injection from Mumbai. I’ve just come. She beats him and asks why did you come now, to complete formalities, tell me, where were you all these years, when we were desperately looking for you, did we make any mistakes? Bhaven jokingly asks Amrish why he couldn’t identify Natasha and Chiku and what they would do against us. Natasha asks Chiku to answer her question: why did he come now? She sheds tears.

Natasha shares that Suman has greatly missed your presence. She prayed for you to return and expressed her deep love for you. Your name holds great significance to her, as it causes her to get up and stand in anticipation. She also mentioned that Shesh and Mittu had set aside crackers for your arrival. Without you, we were incomplete, and I also took the liberty of keeping rakhis for you. Our love for you is immeasurable, yet you seem indifferent towards us. I missed you profoundly and couldn’t understand how someone could be so unfeeling. Chiku reveals that life has made them challenging like stone, but your tears have managed to melt their heart today. They apologize for coming late, and everyone shares a heartfelt hug while shedding tears of joy and relief.

It’s late, but you’re back, and I’m thrilled. I miss you a lot, and Mittu’s going to be ecstatic. She asks where he is. Shesh says he’s a coward. She says our happiness is incomplete without Suman. Can she get better? Chiku says don’t worry, she’s strong, everything will be fine. The nurse says Suman is critical. They are shocked.


Dhawal returns with his family. Suman sees him and recalls Natasha’s words. She asks if everything is fine; you said Dhawal cheated you.

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