Barsatein 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhana Confronts Reyansh’s Lingering Shadow!


Barsatein 19th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai asking everyone to welcome Aradhana. The staff claps. Nita asks Varun to see, but no one has received such a warm welcome. Varun says leave it, accept her. Aradhana can never be accepted at my house and office, Nita says. She goes and greets Aradhana. She says it is time to get back to work. Jai says an international company wants to work with me, which makes me feel like my dream might come true.

Aradhana expresses her joy at this new development, mentioning that she and her father will resign from the company due to its rules. She shares that Varun will take over as CEO and is ecstatic about the news. She acknowledges that Varun has grown up and will now sign their cheques. Concerned, she asks if they have carefully considered everything before making this decision. Her husband replies confidently, stating their familiarity with Mr. Bansal and his satisfaction with the situation.

The smuggler’s news lead is mentioned. He says we’ll expose him. Aradhana says you should verify the news. He says relax, and journalism is in my blood; control your fear. In her opinion, Varun is right, and he worked on this project while Aradhana was scared at home. Jai says we should do some research, and Varun says okay, we’ll take care of it. Varun replies okay, we’ll take care of it.

Aradhana receives calls from Bhakti and Malini, who remind her to take her medicine and eat. Bhakti then compliments Jai and expresses her happiness for the two of them. However, Aradhana becomes anxious. The lady reminds her about checking the final edit, but Aradhana assures her that she is doing well. Meanwhile, Nita and Varun discuss Jai and Aradhana’s relationship. Nita regrets that their plan failed because Reyansh disappeared. Varun reassures her by saying that he will now have control over Aradhana’s work, and once this news spreads, the office will be back on track. He also reminds Nita to consider the consequences for their shared house if they fail in this plan.

Jai and Bhakti have a phone conversation. He reassures her he is currently with Aradhana and that she has nothing to worry about. Bhakti brings up the change she has noticed in Aradhana since the incident, but Jai assures her that he will handle it and keep Aradhana safe. After discussing their plans for the day, Jai asks Aradhana how she’s feeling. She admires Varun’s determination, prompting Jai to suggest that she support and help him if needed. They then agree to have lunch alone, with Jai making sure Aradhana isn’t alone by sending her with his driver. Despite being used to traveling alone, Aradhana agrees, knowing this won’t always happen. Jai also mentions calling Varun before they leave for lunch to ensure their safety.

She ponders the situation and wonders why she senses Reyansh’s presence and feels afraid. She instructs the driver to pull over and decides to continue on foot. She arrives at the restaurant and realizes she needs to use the restroom. However, upon entering, the door suddenly locks behind her. Desperate for help, she calls out for Reyansh to unlock the door. The waiter eventually comes in and asks what happened, but Aradhana continues to accuse him of being paid off by Reyansh. Meanwhile, Varun introduces himself as in charge of the business and boasts that even Aradhana cannot stop him from succeeding.

As Aradhana spots Varun in the company of another person, she expresses her concern, stating that this individual is an enemy of Jai and means to harm him. Varun clarifies that it is, in fact, Kriti whom he brought home at Malini’s request. He remembers their conversation about Kriti’s situation and how she needed their help. Kriti also acknowledges the problem and admits to making a mistake but assures them that she is not a criminal. She apologizes for her actions and reaches out for their support. In response, Aradhana reassures her everything will be alright and suggests seeking Malini’s guidance as she misses Kriti dearly.

Jai’s anger is evident as he sees Kriti, leading him to scold Varun for what he believes is Kriti’s attempt to harm him. However, she denies these accusations and begs Jai not to accuse Santosh falsely. Varun supports her, causing Jai to accuse him of being on Reyansh’s side. Things escalated quickly, with Jai threatening to have Kriti arrested and Varun arguing back before storming off angrily after receiving a slap from Jai.


The office gets sealed. Jai and Akash are worried. Aradhana agrees with Kriti. Jai says we’ll telecast the story.

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