Meet 2nd February 2023 Written Update

When Meet was watching live footage on her phone, suddenly her phone died. Meet asked Ishani what happened to WiFi. Ishani said the network is down and fluctuating a lot. Ragini took Ishani with her. When Meet tries to call inspector Bhati, Babita says let mehendi dry, then I’ll return your phone. Meet prays to God and wishes Inspector Bhati successful in finding Sarkar’s palace.

After so much drama, Gunwanti is helping Shagun to dress up for the ceremonies. Gunwanti says she is happy that you are getting married to Manmeet and if Mahendra hit you, why did you go there? Forget everything and don’t repeat your mistake.

The electricity goes out. Gunwanti asks Shagun to turn on her phone’s flash until she finds a matchstick. Shagun tries to find her phone but remembers dropping it at Ahlawat mansion. I dropped my phone at Meet’s home, Shagun says to Gunwanti. Gunwanti is shocked. Shagun says if they get the phone they will see all the photos and chat with Manmeet. If Manmeet finds out he will kill me, so I think we should tell him beforehand.

No need to tell them anything because they might say no to marriage or Manmeet might kill you or me. Make sure you don’t tell anyone and pray to God no one gets your phone. Babita asks Ragini about all the stuff for Meet Bidai. Ragini observes Ishani drying Meet’s mehendi using a hair dryer and tells Babita these kids don’t have any patience.

In finding the red saree, Babita remembers telling Meet Ahlawat about the saree, and when Manmeet sees Meet in the saree, I’ll think my son’s wish came true. When Babita grabs the saree from the ground, Meet notices a phone underneath the table. She asks Ishani to bring her the phone.

At Sarkar’s palace, everyone is dancing and enjoying. Shagun remembers Manmeet slapping her tightly and thinks I must make him fall for me with my magic before he finds out about the phone. After the mehendi is completed, Jasodha walks to Sarkar and asks him to forgive her for her mistakes and tell him how much he loves her. Manmeet looks at Shagun.

Manmeet gives Shagun ointment and asks her to apply it to look beautiful. Sarkar looks at them and says we have chosen the right girl for our son. Jasodha says, in the same way, Mahendra has shown his wife her place, so will I show Meet her place in this house. Sarkar says I’m waiting for the time when you will insult her.

Jasodha says if you allow me, I will disrespect her a lot in front of everyone. Sarkar says show me. Jasodha asks Narandra’s wife to stand up. It begins with Narendra walking in and sitting down to watch the show. Inspector Bhati is looking at the footage on his laptop. Narandra’s wife walks in disguised as Meet. Everyone cheers for her. She acts like Meet in front of everyone.

Ishani grabs the phone and goes to Meet. Meet asks her to switch it on, and Ishani says it’s damaged. Meet asks who owns this phone, and thinks it may be Shagun’s. A woman dressed as Jasodha walks in. Everyone is excited to see her. Inspector Bhati looks at the footage and calls Meet. Bhati asks Meet if she saw any video. Meet says no wifi is not working.

Bhati says you should come here and see, you were right Sarkar is planning something and they are making fun of you. Meet says I will go soon. During the video, Gunwanti makes fun of Meet and refers to her as a daughter-in-law. Inspector looks at the video and becomes confused about Gunwanti’s claim that she is the daughter-in-law of Sarkar’s family.

Babita stops Meet and says you can’t leave before marriage, only after and asks her to sit. Meet says I know everything about rituals but Sarkar is planning something big. Raj says let her go, she won’t sit still until she knows the truth. Babita says she thinks he’s planning something. Raj gives permission to Meet and says if you want anything, let me know.

She gives the phone to Ram and tells him to repair it as soon as possible and bring it to the police station, she wants to know what is inside.

At Sarkar’s Palace, everyone is enjoying the skit and making fun of Meet. Jasodha cheers Gunwanti for her acting. Gunwanti applies black colour to her face. Everyone laughs. Inspector Bhati watches the video and sees how Meet is disrespected. Walking towards Bhati from the police station.


Manmeet and Sarkar are seen laughing and hugging after seeing the skit by Inspector Bhati. Sarkar tells Manmeet that you are the most deserving candidate to take up my throne. Manmeet is the youngest son of Sarkar, according to Inspector Bhati.

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