Pandya Store 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Dhara hears Prerna talking to the kids. Prerna asks the kids to promise her, then she will throw a party for them. The kids promise her. Prerna says don’t tell Mom and Dad anything. Prerna says she is making food, Krish never demanded anything, he used to eat whatever we made. Dhara asks her to order food. Prerna says thank you.

Prerna says you are so understanding and cute, Krish never told me about you. Dhara says he is upset with me, unite my family, I know you can. She gives her phone and jokes. They laugh. Raavi and Rishita look on. Raavi says it’s better if she forgets us as well. The cute kids depend on me, Prerna says. Dhara sees Rishita and Raavi. She goes outside. Krish comes and tells Dhara that he slept well for the first time in many days. He asks for tea. Dhara says yes.

She says I was wondering to prepare food for everyone. Krish says I never saw you enter the kitchen. Prerna says I know cooking, Dhara has explained to me, so I will make something good. Prerna says yes, let me do this. They are your family, and they are also my family. Dhara taunts Rishi. She says we don’t eat with everyone. Raavi asks Mittu to come. Prerna says we will watch a video of Canada together.

Prerna says we will watch it in your room. Dhara asks Raavi to see it, I’ll call Suman and Gautam. Rishita says I’m ready. Raavi says sorry, I don’t want to move abroad. Dhara suggests we sit together and watch it. Shweta asks why this girl is here, she played Natasha’s role. Rishita says another failed attempt. Do you think we will stay there for more than 10 minutes?

He says enough, stops making excuses, we have replaced Natasha, so sorry, please find another job. Shweta says yes, Natasha was unwell. Aman says sorry, I can’t handle your tantrums. In the room, Gautam is drunk. Suman asks him to sit. Dev says Prerna is playing a video. Prerna says she’ll get the pen drive. Dhara thinks they will sit together and eat. Suman says she started the matinee show because she had to cook.

Chiku and Shesh arrive. Prerna says not now, get Mittu outside, he will play the sound, and when I come out after serving them the food, the door will be closed. Suman asks Gautam to have water. Chiku shows Mittu the marbles and calls him out. Prerna gets the food. She apologizes. The door is locked. Rishita asks Shesh to open it. Prerna wonders why they closed it now. Shiva says Shesh is a mix of Krish and me. Prerna watches the video.

Rishita says we didn’t come here to eat but to watch the video, so this would be Dhara’s idea. Raavi asks what’s all the fuss about.

Don’t blame me for everything, Dhara says. Prerna says she thought it would be okay, is there anything wrong? Rishita says I know your cleverness, broken hearts won’t join if you do that. Shiva asks what she’s saying. Raavi says nothing. Suman tells Rishita to watch the video quietly.

Rishita says I can’t sit here, Shesh opens the door, and Chiku says tiger… They get shocked to see the tiger enter the house. The kids hide.


Shesh shouts at her. Suman asks them to get the kids. Rishita says they have to do something.

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