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Pandya Store

Written episode of Pandya Store for 26th March 2023, written update on

Rishita convinces Dev in the first episode. Chiku asks where we’re going. She says Ahmedabad, but… he’s happy. Shesh cries. Mittu says don’t cry. Your mom will be there soon. Shesh says I had a lot of toys at home. Dev is my father, so I’ll come along, and I also want toys.

Sadly, Rishita cannot take you. Chiku and Mittu ask them to do so. Shesh says I will stay alone. Chiku says Shesh will come with us. Rishita says Natasha also. She asks Dev to take Chiku and Mittu’s tickets as well, we will explain them and they’ll return. Dev asks who will tell their parents.

She says that’s not my headache, you handle it. Shivank eats the fruits and comments on their quality. The man scolds him for eating the fruits free of charge. He collides with Shiva. Shiva asks who you are. Shivank says you are my Jija, hug me. Shiva slaps him and asks him to leave.

Shivank asks what happened to you. Shiva says I’m not well, but nobody can tell me anything. He scolds Shivansh and leaves. Shivank asks why he doesn’t recognize me; what happened to him. Krish creates a snowfall scene for Prerna. Rang lagya ishq ka…plays…. Natasha asks Dhara to come soon, Rishita is taking all the kids to Ahmedabad. Dhara asks what.

Rishita asks the kids to do the packing. Dhara says another drama has started, so why take Natasha and Shesh to Ahmedabad? Rishita says there’s no need to do drama in front of them, I’m taking them. Dhara asks why, they’re doing well, we’ll tell them the truth. Natasha calls you mum, Rishita says.

Dhara says my Chiku is calling you mum, I have no problem, why do you become insecure? Rishita says yes, I can’t tolerate this. Dhara says kids will understand while they go, Chutki is sick, she is going through treatments, and she needs our help. I’m her mum, she needs me, I’ll take her with me, Natasha and Shesh cannot be with me, please stop the other kids. Chiku says don’t stop me, I’ll go with my mum. Mittu says I’ll go with my dad. Suman appears. Dhara asks her to explain to Rishita, she’s ready to go.

She says when the family is together, we can fight all problems. When we live apart, there are no problems, says Rishita. Suman says he’ll talk to Dev. Shivank greets Suman. He says he went to get tickets. Suman says I’ll tear the tickets, let you go alone if you want.

Suman pats his face. Suman says I will love my lovely Fui. Dhara worries and wonders why he came here. Chiku says we saw him somewhere. Suman scolds him for not meeting her ill brother. She gets emotional. She says you did good to come, how did you do it? Raavi is unwell, Shivank says. She is staying alone, I will live with her, so you won’t have to worry.

Good, Suman said, you went to your dad, not your mother. He replied no, I went to you. Suman gives him 100 rupees as shagun. He asks, what is this, so much money, you keep it? She says you have grown up now and your needs will be more. He thinks she is a miser. ‘Fine, I forgot to tell you, I got gifts for America.’ He greets Rishita and tells her he missed her marriage due to business. He hugs her tight.

She scolds him. He says I’m your Devar, the youngest and cutest one, you forgot me; I didn’t forget anyone. She asks who are you. Shivank is Prafulla’s son. She says you’re the gambler Shivank. He says no, that was an old thing, Gautam caught me years ago, he made me famous.

Suman says Gautam always speaks the truth. Shivank agrees. He greets Dhara and says I missed you a lot. She stops him from hugging her. He says he does business in Chicago. Suman asks Dhara to get him a cold drink. Chiku remembers the superhero. He says I do business in Chicago.

Shivank says he is the superhero who saved us from the monster. Suman says you don’t know them, this is a blood tie. Mittu says get us chocolates. Shivank loves the kids and hugs them. Dhara asks if he saved them. The kids say yes. Suman says you don’t know them, this is a blood connection.

He says I’ll get everything for you. Shesh says you could also find our Shweta aunty, she disappeared somewhere. Chiku says yes. Shweta asks the lady for the phone, and the lady scolds her. She thinks she should call Shivank, just to get her out of jail, he can repay my favor. Shivank says he’ll do everything he can to help.

The precap:

Shweta calls Shivank and asks him to get her out of jail. Shivank replies that he will take care of your work. Shivank asks Dhara for money and blackmails her.

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