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Manmeet and Meet are together. Shagun sees them together and breaks the glass in her hand. She walks towards them and says, “You two look good together.” Manmeet notices Shagun’s injured hand and asks her what happened. Shagun assures him that her wound will heal. Manmeet offers to get ointment for her and walks away. Gunwanti approaches Shagun and says she was looking for her. She gives Shagun some jewellery and tells her to wear it for Baisakhi. Gunwanti then leaves. Meet tells Shagun that she thought Shagun was clever, but she realizes now that Shagun is dangerous to Manmeet.

Shagun responds by saying that it’s not Meet’s fault, as everyone wants to have their hands on diamonds, and Manmeet is that diamond. She warns Meet not to try to come between them, claiming that Meet knows nothing about their relationship. Shagun says she will show Meet what she’s capable of. Manmeet walks over and starts cleaning Shagun’s wound, applying a bandage to her hand. Shagun asks Manmeet to help her wear her anklet (payal). Manmeet sits down, and Shagun reminisces about the significance of the payal, which he bought for her with his first salary, and asks him to help her wear other pieces of jewellery as well. She reminds him of the occasions when he bought those pieces for her. Manmeet responds by saying that he knows she likes to wear makeup. At that moment, a guy calls Manmeet, and he walks away. Shagun looks at Meet, shows her jewellery, and walks away.

Meet approaches Shagun and says, “You know what Manmeet gave me? This mangalsutra, promises, sindoor to call me his wife. These things give me the full right to call him my husband and support him forever. And these things are more valuable than any jewellery.” Shagun tries to grab Meet’s neck to take the mangalsutra, but Meet protects herself by placing a diya (lamp) between them, preventing Shagun from touching her.

Meet notices that Shagun’s hand has become black due to the diya and warns her that it’s a warning for the next time. She asserts that Shagun doesn’t love Manmeet; it’s just her stubbornness. Shagun challenges Meet, saying that within seven days, Manmeet will give the mangalsutra to her and take all the rights away from Meet. Meet responds by saying that Shagun is challenging her to take her husband, and no matter what Shagun does, she can’t take him away from her.

Later, Manmeet enters the house with a dhol (drum) and announces that it’s Baisakhi. Everyone starts dancing with him. Meet realizes that she has failed to reveal Shagun’s true identity to everyone. Jasodha approaches her and says that the truth always wins in the end. Shagun serves tea to Sarkar and notices Jasodha and Meet together. Sarkar expresses his inability to stand with Meet in the house, but Shagun explains that they can’t throw Meet out because Manmeet made a promise to Raj, and he has to fulfil it.

Meghna asks Manmeet what he will do on Baisakhi if he’s already in such high spirits. Manmeet replies that all the misunderstandings have been cleared, and even Raj’s promise has been fulfilled, thanks to Shagun’s intelligence and clarity. Jasodha advises Meet that Manmeet is her husband, and if someone tries to ruin their home, she shouldn’t just stand by and watch. She tells Meet to send Shagun out of the house, as she has no right to be there. Shagun, on the other hand, tells Sarkar that she has promised herself that within seven days, Manmeet will marry her. Jasodha tells Meet that she can see the love in her eyes for Manmeet and recalls how Meet has always protected him, such as when his room was on fire. Jasodha walks away but returns with a red chunri (scarf), which she offers to Meet, saying that she had offered it to the goddess for her daughter-in-law and that it’s blessed. She places the chunri on Meet’s head and asks the goddess to protect her husband.

Meet expresses gratitude for the blessings. Jasodha suggests celebrating this new relationship and encourages Meet to go and dance with Manmeet. Meet approaches Manmeet, and he holds her hand, and they dance together. Shagun feels jealous and Jasodha joins them as well. Gunwanti brings sweets, and Manmeet takes them, declaring that Meet will have the first bite for their new beginning. He asks Meet to get ready for Baisakhi in a way that everyone can’t take their eyes off her and invites everyone to dance.

In the room, Meet stands with lehengas and asks Manmeet to choose one for her. She tells him that she doesn’t usually enjoy dressing up, but now that she’s with him, she’s ready to accept everything and follow all the rituals. Meet asks him to make the choice. In his sleep, Manmeet puts his hand on a lehenga, and Meet gets excited, saying that now she has her answer.

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