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Meet confronts Shagun about her previous statement, reminding her that she had claimed she couldn’t live without Manmeet when they were in the hospital. Meet clarifies that it was merely a liking and not love. Shagun argues that liking can quickly turn into love, but Meet asserts that today everyone will see Shagun’s true face.

Unable to free herself, Shagun struggles as Meet walks away. Meanwhile, Sarkar notices the darkness in the house and angrily declares that no one can save Shagun from his anger. He orders Mahendra to turn on the lights, and as the lights come on, everyone is shocked to see Meet tied to a chair in the common area. Sarkar tells Manmeet that he should not interfere today and reminds him that he fulfilled Raj’s promise, and now he must fulfil his father’s promise by not moving an inch, or else he will kill Meet. However, Meet walks out and tells them not to hate her so much. Everyone is in shock at her sudden appearance.

Gunwanti and Mahendra inquire about what is happening, and Meet approaches Manmeet, expressing that she can’t live with his hatred. She reveals her true identity as Meet and explains that the person who attacked him was wearing a mask of her face. Before she could meet Manmeet, she was unconscious. Manmeet moves towards the chair to reveal the attacker’s identity, but Meet stops him, urging him not to uncover the truth, as she believes he won’t be able to handle it. Confused, Manmeet asks her to clarify. Meet then points out that the real culprit responsible for attacking his son is sitting before them. Sarkar removes the mask and sees an unfamiliar face. Meet wonders who this person is and where Shagun is. Meet questions the lady about her identity and how she ended up there. The lady admits that Meet tied her to the chair, apologizes to Sarkar, and confesses to the crime of hurting Manmeet. Meet is perplexed, as she has no recollection of this incident.

Just then, Shagun enters the house and claims that Meet has finally caught the person who attacked Manmeet. After some investigation, she found out that Gomti was involved and slaps her in front of everyone, expressing her disappointment that Gomti attacked Manmeet despite the family’s support. Anuja, who had doubts about Meet’s involvement, now believes Meet brought the truth to light. Shagun approaches Meet, hugs her, and thanks her for finding the attacker. She whispers to Meet that she thought Meet would humiliate her in front of everyone, but she underestimates Shagun’s determination to protect her relationship with Manmeet. Shagun asserts that now Manmeet won’t be leaving the house because of Meet’s revelation.

In a flashback, Shagun recalls calling Gomti to Sarkar Palace and making a deal with her. Gomti helps Shagun escape, and in return, Shagun promises to take care of Gomti’s family.

Shagun approaches Sarkar, reminding him that he considers her his daughter and requests that he allow Meet to stay in the house with respect. She explains that Meet is now alone in her life, and Manmeet promised Raj to take care of her until he finds the right person for her. Shagun pleads with Sarkar to agree, but he walks away without responding. Mahendra threatens Gomti with a gun, but Manmeet intervenes, suggesting that they let the police handle the case. Meet walks out of the house and sits under a tree, contemplating how Shagun has changed the game and realizing that she is smart and dangerous for Manmeet.

Manmeet walks out and sees Meet sitting under the tree. He approaches her, recalling his past resentment and apologizes for hating her. He admits that he didn’t understand what was going on and quotes Raj, who used to say that anyone who spent time with Meet will start liking her. He expresses his desire to start fresh with her. Meet silently swears to bring Shagun’s true face to light so that their friendship can truly mean something. They shake hands, and Manmeet hugs her tightly. Meet looks at him, realizing that he has become special to her. She can’t imagine her life without him. Meanwhile, Shagun watches them from a distance, breaks a glass in her hand, and hurts herself. She approaches them and remarks on the special bond of their friendship, expressing her determination to protect it from being ruined.

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