Meet 4th April 2023 Written Update


Meet 4th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Shagun says Jasodha asked Meet to keep fast for you and do many other things to carry out the ritual. Manmeet says don’t cry and he takes her with him.

Manmeet asks Sapna where Maa is, but Sapna says she is in her room. Meet and Sapna are busy making God sculptures out of the mud. Manmeet sat beside Meet and said, “Listen, Shagun is performing this pooja and if she doesn’t do it now, it will be unfair to her. Please give your mud to her.” Shagun sits and makes sculptures. Meet says I’ll make kheer for everyone.

As Meet recalls what Manmeet told her about relationships, he says I don’t understand him and his feelings fluctuate within seconds. Sometimes he cares a lot for me and sometimes he turns stranger to me. Manmeet walks into the kitchen. I think I should go back home, Meet tells him.

Whenever people ask me why I should stay here, people question me about our relationship, what should I say. Manmeet replies, girlfriend. Shagun stands at the door listening to everything. He walks away and says you are my girlfriend, and you will leave when I ask you to.

A young woman gets angry in her room. Gunwanti says, “I told you not to be angry many times.” Manmeet is playing a game with me, Shagun says. One time he promised me he would make her wife, but now he considers her a friend, so please do something, I can’t see them together. She says don’t worry, you are my younger sister and I will do anything I can to help you.

When Meet gets up from bed, she sees Manmeet sleeping peacefully in his bed.

When Gunwanti and Shagun are waiting for the blacksmith, they check out all the gifts and say these gifts are very nice, Shagun checks a dupatta and says she saw something similar in our market. Through a window, the blacksmith keeps everything inside the store room. Shagun gives him money. The blacksmith says everything is in these sacks. The gunwanti says to be careful when returning, no one should see you.

Gunwanti and Shagun look at the stuff and smile. Meet makes God’s idol by herself in her room. According to Shagun, whatever happens, tomorrow will ruin Sagwan’s family reputation, and Meet will be blamed.

When Meet is busy making idols, she hears some noise and walks toward it. Meet walks into the store room where she finds Shagun’s payal on the floor. Gunwanti and Shagun are hiding inside the room, looking at her.

In her room, Meet gets ready. Outside the room, Manmeet stops Shagun and asks what you are doing with food, did you not keep fast? Shagun replies that it is food for Meet. In shock, Manmeet asks you how you are taking this for her, you are doing good things now, so I’ll take this plate for her.

Then, Manmeet walks into the room and tells Meet I brought food for you now. Meet says I’m on fast and Jasodha asked me to keep it. Manmeet says you should eat food and I’ll talk to Jasodha about it. Meet says he doesn’t want to eat.

I don’t want you to get sick, Manmeet tells her to eat, and when he sees Raj’s and Babita’s photo in the newspaper, he stops and picks up the newspaper, saying, “This is great, my friend won the lottery. I’ll take his party.” Then let me show it to my friend, then I’ll show him. Manmeet leaves the room and asks her for food.

Outside a room, Manmeet hid the newspaper inside a basket and walked away. A servant picked up the basket and walked away as well.

Jasodha asked Meet to keep a fast for her son, and Shagun walked up to her as well. She reminded Meet of how people had teased her when she was younger whenever she and Manmeet were together, as though Manmeet belonged only to her. For this reason, she had been keeping Ganghols since then, and Maaji wanted the same from Meet now since in reality she is Manmeet’s wife. While Shagun acknowledged that Manmeet loves her, she emphasized that it is still her right to take part in the pooja ceremony and Meet consented to stay away so that Shagun could stand in. The latter thanked her before leaving the room with a smile on her face.

She finds sweets on the table, looks at them and says to get don’t, it’s your fast, Shagun.

Since I’m not married, Shagun says I’ll be forgiven.

The common area is gathered for poojas. Jasodha asks everyone to start pooja and calls Meet as well. Shagun says Meet hasn’t kept fast, so she won’t be coming downstairs. Jasodha asks what are you saying. Shagun is the wife of Manmeet, and he only asked her to fast afterwards.

In order to sit fast, Gunwanti asks Shagun to sit down. Shagun, Sundari, Gunwanti, and Sapna sit down for pooja. After seeing tears in my eyes, Meet changes her mind and her reputation will be ruined after gift distribution, Shagun says to Gunwanti that it’s true you can win without making any noise.

The first time Meet does her pooja alone, she repeats it when she sees others. After everyone finishes their pooja, they join hands and offer water. Jasodha says it is time to open gifts from everyone’s house. As Meet finishes her pooja, Imarti walks to her and says, “Come with me, Jasodha is calling you to open gifts.” Meet joins her in the common area.

A lady said to Jasodha like every time Gunwanti’s gift and standing out. As Jasodha asked Meet to open the gift, Shagun walked up to her and said, “Let me help you.” She threw her hand inside the box and shouted, saying that she didn’t know what her family had sent. When Gunwanti checks Shagun’s hand, she says, “you are bleeding a lot.” She opens the gift and everyone sees blades, handcuffs, trash, and knives. Everyone is shocked after seeing the gift.

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