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Sumeet is full of joy as she dances and shares her excitement about the gifts she has for Wonderboy. As Shlok reads Sumeet’s message, a big smile appears on his face. Sumeet then warmly embraces Vani and informs her that Wonderboy will be joining their party. Curious, Vani asks how they met, to which Sumeet responds that it was simply luck that brought them together. The two friends continue to dance happily. Masum brings up Mrs. Choudhary’s absence from the wedding festivities due to a personal promise she made. Raj suggests setting up a meeting with her, which Masum agrees to.

As the two friends, Sumeet and Shlok, meet up in the bustling streets, Shlok takes Sumeet’s hand and guides her to a lively spot where locals are performing on the streets. The experience is nothing short of amazing for Sumeet, who is thoroughly captivated by the music. Shlok affectionately refers to this place as his “outhouse” and confides in Sumeet that it’s his private sanctuary when he’s feeling low. In appreciation for their friendship, Sumeet presents Shlok with a gift and suggests that he wear it for his upcoming concert. However, Shlok can’t shake off his worries about Sumeet discovering his true identity in just two days, and he feels remorseful. Later on, Sumeet puts on a matching jacket and asks for Shlok’s autograph as a memento of their bond.

Shlok playfully requests Sumeet’s autograph for his jacket, proclaiming himself to be her biggest admirer. Suddenly, a group of guys appear and begin making unwanted advances towards Sumeet. Shlok inquires about what she finds most appealing about Wonderboy – his voice or his appearance. Sumeet mentions that she has a gift for him and excuses herself to retrieve it. Meanwhile, the boys persist in their harassment towards her. Shagun is caught off guard upon discovering that Raj and Masum have arrived to see them. Memories of her past with Raj flood back as she realizes that her plan will fall apart if they recognize her. To conceal her identity, Shagun wears a facemask which goes unnoticed by Raj and Masum when they see her.

Shagun uses her charm and admiration to manipulate Masum, while also praising Sumeet for her courage. Raj states that Sumeet takes after their mother. Shlok defends Sumeet against a group of teasing boys, greatly touching her. She realizes that Raj is the only one who has been fiercely protective of her. Raj inquires with Masum if she is no longer afraid. Meanwhile, Shagun devises a plan to target Sumeet. Later, Sumeet asks Shlok if he truly would have harmed himself, and coincidentally, Raj walks by and sees them laughing together.

Raj is upset, but Sumeet reassures him that she will not let anyone come into her life without his approval. She also reveals that Shlok is wonderboy and invites Raj to attend the concert with her to see for himself. While preparing their outfits and jewelry, Shlok considers telling Sumeet the truth about not being wonderboy and quietly goes into her room, surprising Sumeet. However, he is captivated by her beauty and expresses his feelings with romantic words and compares her to the moon. Suddenly, Raj enters the room and is astonished by what he sees.

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