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In her opinion, Ranbir has agreed to stay here after Prachi asked him what the problem is, and she knows that even the last time Prachi asked Ranbir to stay, Mihika also requested the same. The problem is that Mihika wants Ranbir to stay, but Akshay refuses, and Manpreet asks what the problem is with Ranbir and she says he can stay here, Akshay replies that he will accept it, saying he will always obey his mother’s orders.

Mr Tandon wonders why he is making the situation worse instead of trying to diffuse it. Akshay responds, explaining that his father sees Prachi as his own daughter and has proven this by being fiercely protective of her, even over his own son. Manpreet advises Akshay to calm down before he makes things worse. She apologizes to Pallavi on behalf of her son, stating that he doesn’t know what he’s saying when he’s angry. Akshay adds that it’s always easiest to blame him whenever there is a problem.

Bua reassures Akshay and reminds him that she is always there for him, no matter what. She acknowledges that he has made mistakes and said things he shouldn’t have, but this does not define his character. She believes that they have unfairly labeled him as a villain. Bua also points out that Akshay selflessly did everything for Prachi, without considering his own well-being. As a member of their family, Bua urges everyone to take care of Akshay and not cause him further pain.

Bua is attempting to clarify the situation, noting that Prachi is both Akshay’s current wife and Ranbir’s ex. Prachi is now preventing Ranbir from leaving so as to not upset Akshay. Bua questions if Prachi has never understood how Akshay feels. Ranbir pleads with Bua not to cry, as they do not want to see her upset. He assures her that their assumptions about Prachi stopping him for their relationship are incorrect; in reality, she gets annoyed with him and would not let him stay if it weren’t for the fact that he brought back Khushi. Furthermore, Ranbir explains that he has his own personal reasons for staying here at this time.

Ranbir relays that the doctor advised Prachi on proper medication, emphasizing her need to remain indoors. Dida then implores Pallavi to allow Ranbir to stay. Khushi brings over a suitcase and asks if she should depart, going around hugging each family member, including Ranbir. Prachi calls out to Khushi, reminding her not to cause any inconvenience and to call regularly. Before leaving, Prachi also embraces Khushi when she turns to her “Badi mom” for permission. As Dida exits, Ranbir receives a call from the inspector requesting his presence as the culprit wishes to confess who ordered Khushi’s kidnapping. Despite Mr Tandon’s efforts to detain him, Ranbir is determined to leave and uncover the truth as nothing is more crucial than his daughter’s well-being.

According to Akshay, a son can never be evil towards his mother. However, Bua believes that a son should never make such statements as they are unjustified. Manpreet also suggests that Akshay has lost sight of what is right and wrong. He failed to recognize that Ranbir was protecting Prachi, whom Akshay cares for deeply. Therefore, it shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing if she showed concern for Ranbir’s well-being. Furthermore, Manpreet accuses Akshay of calling his mother a bad parent, while in reality he is the one exhibiting questionable behavior. Despite Akshay’s attempts to argue with his mother, she decides to only speak with him when he has calmed down and regained his rational thinking.

She asks Bua what she can do for Akshay since he is losing his reputation in front of everyone while Ranbir is becoming their favorite. As soon as Bua learns that Ranbir went to the police station to confess to his crime, Akshay quickly leaves and Bua becomes concerned.

Mihika is frantically searching for Bua in her room. Upon entering, Bua inquires about the situation. Mihika explains that Ranbir is currently staying with them. Bua questions if this was Mihika’s wish, to which she replies with worry that she feels like Ranbir is slowly drifting away from her. Bua kindly advises Mihika to remain calm as relationships take time to develop and cannot be bought like items from a market. However, Mihika expresses her frustration that kind words are not effective and decides to take a different approach by being more assertive. Bua blames Ranbir and Prachi for their children’s current state and hopes that God will grant them their desires.

When Mihika enters Prachi’s room, she asks what she wants when Mihika asks her to come inside so she can chat with her. Mihika questions what Prachi desires. Prachi asks Mihika why she is talking about this in this way. Prachi replies that she knows she is about to marry Ranbir, so why is Prachi doing this, and when Prachi replies that she does not understand what she is talking about, Mihika replies that they can all see it.

Prachi is taking care of her fiance but is not letting her take care of him, Mihika says she shouldn’t mix her past with her present, Mihika explains. Although Mihika felt something odd about Prachi in the past, she was always told that she was sensible and could handle things much better. As Prachi tries to clarify that there is nothing wrong with her, Mihika replies that she just wants to let her know that she does not like Prachi being near Ranbir.

Prachi told Ranbir that someone tried to kill her, and he thinks that Akshay cannot do something like that since he loves Prachi so much, so he needs to find the person who is trying to kill Prachi.

In angrily walking out of the room, Mihika warns Prachi to stay away from Ranbir because she does not like it when Prachi goes near Ranbir. Mihika leaves the room, so Prachi is worried.

As Prachi waits, Ranbir calls and asks her to come down to talk about something important. Prachi thinks she must tell Ranbir the truth as it isn’t right.

As Ranbir inquires about the worker’s son passing the exam, Prachi interrupts to ask if she has illegally parked her car. Despite his attempts, Ranbir struggles to respond and becomes flustered. Prachi then reaches out to calm him and asks if he’s alright. He assures her that he is now. Expressing his gratitude, Ranbir explains that he wanted to stay with her and even brought a gift as a token of appreciation. As Ranbir presents the flowers, Prachi questions his gesture, unable to accept them. He reassures her by stating their capability to overcome any obstacles. However, this causes Prachi to worry that he may have discovered the truth of her fake marriage with Akshay for Khushi’s custody.

Prachi joins Ranbir in the car as they are leaving, and he helps her sit in it.

The three of them were enjoying together as a family while Mihika sat in her room raged, hitting her fingers against the thorns on the rose flower stick, remembering when Prachi stopped Ranbir from leaving the house. As Mihika removes the rose petals, she says, “It doesn’t matter if Ranbir loves her or not, he loves her.” She exclaims Prachi is trying to steal Ranbir, but cannot since he only loves her. She considers telling Bua about it.

As Prachi admires the delicate petals, Ranbir’s gaze remains fixed on her. A hint of discomfort crosses Prachi’s face and Ranbir quickly asks if she is alright. She assures him that everything is fine, but he persists, sensing that something may be bothering her. Prachi insists that she is fine, and he finally drops the subject. Curiously, Ranbir wonders why she appears to be blushing. However, Prachi denies feeling any such emotion and questions who would even suggest such a thing. In his mind, Ranbir links her shyness to the flowers, but Prachi clarifies that they are not the cause.

Ranbir playfully teases her once more, but after a while she requests him to focus on the road. Prachi starts playing with the petals while Ranbir enquires about the scent. Suddenly, she turns up the volume and becomes slightly uncomfortable with the song. However, Ranbir holds her hand and tells her to relax. Eventually, Prachi asks him to pull over so she can buy some balloons that remind her of Khushi’s adoptive mother. Ranbir suggests that she can go buy them as he holds onto the bouquet in the car.

The moment Ranbir notices Prachi cannot cross the road, he thinks of helping her and then he asks her to hold his hand when she assures him that she can do everything herself, but he says he gets scared crossing the road alone, so both Ranbir and Prachi select balloons and then run back to their car. When a transgender enters the car, Ranbir tries to give Prachi money but she replies that she just wants her blessings,

Since they can’t give her anything, Ranbir says she should keep the money at least. Prachi really needs Prachi’s blessings, so the transgender walks over to bless her on her head, explaining to Prachi that Bhagwan must always make sure she remains married, and then the transgender runs away, both Prachi and Ranbir becoming worried.

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