Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th February 2023


Teri Meri Doriyaan for 20th February 2023, Written Update

Sahiba notices Anagad when he returns home with Manveer. Veer tells Sahiba to leave. Sahiba asks why she should since she works openly. Veer pleads with her, and she leaves. As Angad exits the car, he asks Veer if Sahiba was arrogant. Veer denies and jokes that he is daydreaming. Angad asks him what he holds. Veer says his wedding sehra, which Manveer asks him to keep safe for later inspection.

Santosh asks Seerat to pack her bags for the wedding. Seerat thinks she will have everything when she elopes with Garry. Seerat messages Garry asking about his plan. The most loved boy Angad will become the most worried boy tomorrow; he thinks he will manipulate Keerat so much that she will jump into a well on his orders. Seerat wonders why Garry does not reply.

Keerat walks in, and seeing all the mess says there is no place to sit, but Seerat says she shouldn’t sit and pack her bags. Keerat says she’ll stay with Sahiba. Sahiba packs her bags and tells her that she’s getting a wedding decoration contract tomorrow. In an effort to show her fake concern for Sahiba, Santosh sheds crocodile tears. After that, she tells Seerat that her mother ate her daughter from her hand the night before her wedding.

Sahiba brings food. Santosh extends morsel towards Seerat. Seerat pushes her hand away and it hits Sahiba’s mouth. Sahiba eats it. Santosh scolds Seerat and says she had to feed a morsel to a future bride. Santosh worries about Seerat after recalling Saint’s words that she may have difficulties in her wedding. Seerat says Sahiba will also marry someday and asks her not to stretch the matter.

Angad stumbled upon Inder in the kitchen and questioned why he was working rather than calling on one of the servants. In response, Inder explained that everyone was too busy with Angad’s wedding preparations, but offered his assistance if needed. Without missing a beat, Angad asked Inder to attend his ceremony, to which he replied that he did not want his and Darji’s and Manveer’s differences ruining what should be a joyous event. Sahiba stayed awake until two in the morning, watching Seerat sleep while she contemplated leaving early before waking up. As she stirred in the morning, Seerat failed to find messages from Garry so she decided to call him. He answered in an irritated manner, yet Seerat declared her refusal to marry Angad and refused to go to the venue. Garry then instructed her to arrive and let him sort everything out.

Ajith stops Sahiba from leaving the house silently and offers her breakfast and tea. Santosh gets a nightmare about the saint’s words and prays to God not to cause any problems in Seerat’s wedding. After a while, Santosh approaches Sahiba and says that Sahiba is the mother of their house who takes care of them and that once Seerat’s wedding is over, Sahiba will be married to a rich boy.

Sahiba says she doesn’t want to marry an arrogant rich boy like Angad. Ajith asks her to finish her tea first. The next morning, the Brars are getting ready to leave for their wedding. Inder doesn’t attend Angad’s wedding, which makes him sad. Manveer advises him to cheer up and be happy for the others attending, and Inder sings to him. Angad happily hugs him. The family is also delighted to see him.

Sai and Virat from Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Ke stars promote their serial at Angad and Seerat’s wedding,

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