Anupama: Kanta fights for Anupama

Anupama written update

Maaya gives Anuj breakfast but he refuses to have it without Little Anu.  She tells him he looks very weak and does not let him go out of the room because he is pale and sick.  Little Anu comes to him and asks him to rest and promises to take care of him.  She forcefully feeds him. Little Anu then puts Anuj to sleep.

Paakhi tells the Shah family that she has had an argument with Barkha and tells them how Barkha wants to take over the business. Kinjal explains that they need to run the company but Vanraj says they are running it for their personal gains.  Paakhi tells them that not only Ankush and Barkha but Adhik is also planning to take over the business. Adhik comes just then and explains that they are only running the business so that it does not shut down and not take over the business. They are only helping keep the business afloat.

Adhik and Paakhi end up having an argument over their different point of view and Adhik leaves Paakhi and goes away in anger. Baa says that Anupama should have come back with Vanraj instead of just walking on the streets.  Just then Anupama’s mother Kanta comes and informs them that Anupama is at her place.

Maaya watches Anuj sleeping and thinks that 26 years of love could not stand in front of his love for his daughter. She says that earlier there were cracks in his and Anupama’s relationship but now there is a huge gap and this gap brought him to her. She thinks that though she had gone far away from him still fate brought him to her.  She feels her love is strong that he was forced to come to her leaving Anupama behind.  She feels she should not feel any guilt now because fate has brought him to her and now she will never let him leave her and go.  He was not hers but will become hers now.

Anupama keeps calling out to Anuj in her sleep. Baa asks her why did she not bring Anupama home.  Kanta says Anupama will stay with her only. She came to tell the Shah family not to think of bringing Anupama to their house ever.  They never cared for her feelings and only have used her. Kanta blames Baa for Anupama’s problems.  Baa says they are not responsible as they did not do anything.  Kanta tells Baa that the problem is that they don’t do anything at anytime.  For every little problem, they keep calling Anupama. She says if they were worried about her they should have let her live in peace and not kept troubling her with their problems after she married Anuj.  She blames Hasmukh also for not doing anything.  She says only Samar took care of Anupama.  She says Baa is the stone that Anupama was carrying around her neck and got drowned.  Kanta brings out all the problems they caused Anupama.  Vanraj intervenes giving clarifications but Kanta asks him not to speak when elders are talking. She said Anupama would have been happy today if she did not care so much for them. She warns them not to trouble her anymore.  She asks them not to force Anupama to come to their house again.  She asks them to make it a habit of staying without Anupama now.

Kaise Kahu bina tere zindagi yeh kya hogi song is playing in the background.  Anuj wakes up and imagines Anupama with him.  He asks Anupama where did she go as he cannot live without her.  Anupama tells him she did not leave him and will always be with him.  Anuj tells her that even if he is angry she should not leave him. He says thank you and then suddenly realizes it was just a dream.

Little Anu comes to Anuj and requests him to take her home as she is missing Anupama.  Anuj promises to take her and says very soon they will meet Anupama and will live together.  Maaya overhears their conversation.


Kanta goes to Mumbai to meet Maaya and Anuj.  She asks Anuj to come home but he replies that Anuj’s chapter in Anupama’s life is over now.

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