Udne Ki Aasha 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Sayali’s Determination and Family Struggles

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Udne Ki Aasha 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the episode, Juhi says you have sacrificed for the family so that I will help you. Mom is with me; we’ll manage the house expenses, and I’ve promised Dad I’ll fulfil every incomplete dream he has. So we will win when we both keep your first-class degrees in front of Dad’s picture. If you want to help me, study hard because we have to make Dad’s name shine. Paresh and Kishor arrive. They hold hands.

As Sayali greets Paresh, he asks if he knows him. Paresh says yes. He cries and asks who Sayali is. She responds that she’s me. Alok says he was taking your name repeatedly. She asks when and how he knew him. As the engine driver of that train, I lost my peace because he died, and I know his family became an orphan after losing a father. I can’t bring him back, but if I can help you, maybe I can find peace.

Shubha says we can’t put a price on someone’s life, I know, if you accept this… Shubha shouts that we don’t want anyone’s pity, so get out of here. She scolds him. She says it wasn’t his fault. Kishor says stop blaming him, Alok came in front of the running train, that’s a crime, I don’t know what his mental state was. Paresh urges him to calm down, let them vent their anger and slap him.

Paresh says forgive me if you can. I can’t replace your father, but if you accept me into your family, I may be able to forgive myself. She says I don’t know if Shubha has a brother, but I regard you as my sister, and you can hate me, but I’ll always stand by your family as your brother. Alok asks Sayali what her father said, and he says he loved you to the very end, so I hope he gets soul peace. Sayali cries and urges Alok to return to her.

After Paresh and Kishor depart, Shubha and the rest of the group embrace one another tightly, tears streaming down their faces. As they process their emotions, a broker approaches Renu with news of a potential land deal. Paresh reassures her he has no interest in purchasing any property, having recently retired and receiving a settlement. Renu proudly mentions that Tejas and Akash plan to invest in several properties. Paresh is curious about Tejas’ marital status and inquires about his son’s prospects. Renu praises Tejas’s impressive qualifications and desires him to find an equally accomplished partner. Excitedly, the broker mentions a promising alliance, to which Renu eagerly responds by providing his profile and some monetary compensation, hoping for the best match for her accomplished son.

Upon Tejas’s arrival, Renu affectionately calls him “my Tejas.” He kindly reminds her to go indoors to avoid getting a tan. She admires his thoughtfulness and follows his instructions. The broker then recognizes Tejas, and he discreetly bribes him so as not to reveal that he is renting the flat. The broker promises not to disclose their arrangement but hints at being able to divulge information about a girl involved. Tejas offers more money in exchange for silence. Meanwhile, Sayali escorts Dilip to college, where they encounter boys who insult him by accusing him of theft. Despite Dilip’s expectations of teasing, Sayali encourages him not to give up on education as it is a means to gain respect. She takes him to meet with the principal, whom the peon confirms has arrived for Dilip’s admission.

The principal inquires about your daughter’s absence from work. My daughter recently gave birth and requires assistance, so I must find another maid. I greet the principal, and he notices Dilip, whom he reprimands. I plead for Dilip’s forgiveness, explaining that he regrets his actions and promises not to repeat them. However, the principal retorts that Dilip has already caused damage to the college’s reputation and cannot be readmitted. Despite our family having gone through a difficult time with the passing of our father, I implore the principal to reconsider. Regrettably, he maintains that he cannot jeopardize other students’ futures. As he walks away, I turn to the peon for advice. He advised me to approach the principal later when his mood has improved since he does not have a maid, and it is causing him concern. Upon learning his address from the peon, I contemplate my next steps.


Sachin helps Sayali. She refuses to take his help. Paresh looks on. He says I’ve found a girl.

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