Anupama 28 Feb 2023 written update

Anupama written update

In today’s episode we see Anupama, Anuj and Maaya standing together with worried expressions on their face.  Anupama asks them what is it that they think she will not understand. She wants to know why they are worried.  Anuj says she wants to tell her about something that happened at the picnic but Maaya has requested him not to tell her.  Anuj says she does not want to hide anything from her.

Kaavya reminds Vanraj of all that he said to Anupama the previous day.  She tells Bapuji that its good that Anupama just shut him up.  She says that since Vanraj thinks she does not fit into the family she will now do whatever she wishes.  She says she heard him last night and that he is so selfish that he once again wants Anupama back into his life.  If he does not think of her, why should she think of him.  Kavya says Anupama is right when she said that Vanraj can never be loyal to any one person.

Anuj says that Little Anu ate a lot of chocolates and did not brush her teeth before sleeping and they did not want to tell her.  Anuj in his mind is sorry for telling Anupama lies.   He hugs Anupama and Maaya does not like seeing that. Anupama asks Anuj about the picnic. He says everything was good there.  Anupama remembers about what Vanraj has said and is about to say something when Maaya interrupts their conversation.  Maaya is very upset seeing them together holding hands.

Kavya warns Vanraj not to interfere in her life anymore.  She takes Bapuji’s blessings to start work with Anirudh.  She promises him that they will not do anything wrong but will only be working together.  Kavya tells Vanraj that she has shown enough respect to him and now onwards she will do whatever she wishes.

Anupama, Little Anu and Anuj sit together and discussing about the picnic.  Suddenly Anupama sees the injuries on Anupama’s hand and he says that he fell down.  Anupama realizes that Maaya has tied her saree around the wound.  Maaya explains that it was late at night and the organizers were asleep so they could not get any first aid.  Anupama tells Anuj to go to the doctor which he refuses.  Maaya then explains to him that he has not put any medications on the wound so he has to go to the doctor.  Both Anuj and Maaya get up to freshen up and Anupama looks at both of them with a worried expression.

Anirudh and Kavya are at a restaurant having coffee.  Anirudh asks Kavya why did she call him home when they could have met in the restaurant.  He jokingly says that Kavya just used him to make Vanraj jealous.  Kavya tells Anirudh that she divorced him to marry Vanraj because she was madly in love with him.

Anup comes to his room and remembers Maaya hugging him and her promise not to tell Anupama anything.  He is not happy with all the lies he has told Anupama.  Maaya is also worried about Anuj telling Anupama the truth.

Kavya tells Anirudh that she never blamed him for their relationship not working. Both were responsible for their marriage not working.  She had promised herself she would not make the same mistakes with Vanraj.  But things did not work out. 

Anuj and Anupama both confess to each other that they missed them a lot.  Anuj says his thoughts were only with Anupama.  Suddenly both look at each other and say they have something to say.

Maaya wants to know what they are talking about and thinks that she cannot over their conversation when they are in their bedroom.

Anirudh says when there is nothing left in the relationship she should not burden herself by continuing with the marriage.  Instead of suffering she should just get out of it. Kavya realizes that Anirudh has something else also to say.  When Kavya keeps prompting him, he says that they can start afresh again.

Anupama removes the bandage tied by Maaya and she says that with this kind of bandages, the wound only gets worse.  She brings the first aid box and applies medicine to his hand.

Anirudh says that now they both understand each other better so they can start a life together afresh again.  Kavya says he is a very good friend and she does not have any other feelings for him now.  She only wants to focus on her career now and does not want to think of anything else.  She contacted him because she wants to work and wants to restart the project that they started earlier.

Anirudh says that Maaya has a good name in the business industry so she should patch up with her again.

Anupama tells Anuj that since the kids insisted, she spent the night at the Shah house.  She says the kids were happy and everything was going well till Vanraj spoke to her.  She says Vanraj misunderstood her reasons for staying there overnight.


Kavya tells Anupama that Maaya is in love with Anuj.  Maaya also accepts that she loves him.

Vanraj asks Anupama if Anuj has a clean heart why did he hide what happened between him and Maaya.

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