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She says that this food is nutritious and safe. Baa asks about the chemicals added to prevent food from becoming stale. She says we used to grind wheat daily in our village and make fresh rotis, along with spices that were also ground with Silbatta. In her memories, my mother and I fetched water from the well and the handpump. She says they used to eat fresh food cooked in Chula.

It is not possible, Kinjal says. They used to take care of four kids alone, and a day would end with changing clothes and cleaning the potty since diapers weren’t available, and mothers would feed their children fresh food and not stale food. In her opinion, raising a baby is a big responsibility. If you can’t handle it, why did you give birth to it? She says there are a thousand ways to feed a baby, and she will keep feeding it until she’s here.

As Kinjal says, we’ll visit Mummy. Baa tells them not to break Vanraj’s rule and says Anupama can’t be here. Kinjal gets shocked. Anuj tells Choti that Anupama brought gifts for Pari since she is the youngest. As he asks Choti what she wants, Anupama shows her the arts and crafts book. Choti is happy and says her mother is the best. She then looks at the toys and is jealous. Malti Devi smiles.

They used to call Anupama whenever they needed her help, Kinjal tells Baa. She says I will meet Mummy until I am here, and says we didn’t want to celebrate Pari’s birthday tomorrow, but Dad asked us to do so, so we will, and she tells us I will invite Mummy, and if she doesn’t come, Pari won’t be able to cut the cake. The Choti tells the Anuj and Anupama why Pari receives so many gifts, but only one is given to me by Anuj and Anupama.

Anuj informs everyone that, due to Pari’s absence, Mummy has decided to combine all the gifts from different occasions and give them together. He assures Choti that we can choose whatever gift she wants since she is with us. However, Choti expresses her discontent and says she does not want this gift. In response, Anuj promises to speak with her later. Observing Tapish dancing, Dimpy remembers Vanraj’s words while he glances at her. Anupama asks Choti to decorate a cake with the name ‘Pari’ on it. She then tells Anuj that Kinjal and Toshu are supposed to go to the hospital today, so she will meet them tomorrow and give Pari her gift.

I know you’re happy, but after Vanraj’s words, Anupama says I won’t listen to him. Since she is my grandson, she says, “I won’t go” if he says anything. Anuj says he can’t bear anything he says, and it’s enough. Anupama says you don’t have to make it. She thinks I’ll go and come back soon. She said Kinjal asked me to make a cake, so I did. She says her blood relations with her children are strong.

Tapish says that if he stays here, she will have problems, so he should leave. He asks Dimpy if she will come to Mumbai. She doesn’t reply. He asked if I could call you sometimes if I missed you. Dimpy says yes, indeed….even I will contact you. As the Chana Mereya song plays, Dimpy cries and waves her hand to say goodbye. She says Samar…my friend is gone. He cries out and says it’s right.

The party Vanraj throws for Pari will be remembered forever, and Toshu asks Vanraj if he is still upset with him. Vanraj says no and that you both want to improve Pari’s life. He asks them not to forget their family. Baa asks them to come home 3-4 times a year. Anupama tells them that cakes, halwa, and other things are ready. Anuj and Romil keep the gifts and other items in the car.

At the birthday party, everyone is happy to wish Pari a happy birthday. Vanraj tells Baa and Babu ji that he has called his boss and son for the party and asks her how he is doing. He looks at Dimpy and asks Babu ji to be happy. Babu ji says you don’t want me to be satisfied. Anupama is driving and is on the way. She says she’ll meet her there in a month. Choti becomes jealous and looks at the cake.

A boss of Vanraj arrives with his son and welcomes them to his family, where he introduces Dimpy and his family. Kavya tells Kinjal that Anupama won’t be there. Kinjal says she wants Mummy to arrive. Romil asks Choti if she is excited and tells her they are five minutes away. As Anupama recalls Vanraj’s words, Anuj calls her and asks her to return. He says she can do whatever she wants, and I will be with her if she wants to go.


Anupama keeps the cake. Vanraj glares at her. Malti Devi thinks Anupama should be insulted. Vanraj insults Anupama for coming uninvited. Kinjal says I called her. Vanraj asks her to ask Anupama to leave. Anupama leaves.

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