Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd December 2023 Written Episode: Brar Family’s Turmoil Intensifies as Yash’s Plans Unfold


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The Brars depart their office, clearly devastated. Their employees follow suit. Garry expresses concern about how they will cope without their staff. Yash reminds him that, as middle-class individuals, their necessities will compel them to return to work. He inquires if Garry is now satisfied. Garry joyfully embraces Yash and expresses his gratitude for fulfilling his ambition of taking over Angad’s position. However, Yash does not reciprocate with enthusiasm. Garry wonders what the future holds for the Brars now. Yash reveals that the Brars are in for a surprise when they arrive home.

During their ride home, Akaal shares that he was unaware of Yashraj’s deeply rooted hatred towards them. He regrets that they unknowingly welcomed a snake into their lives, thinking it was human. However, Angad assures him that the situation is not his fault; Yashraj took advantage of their kindness. They will persevere on the right path and fight for justice. He reminds Akaal to stay courageous and not lose hope. Sahiba also offers words of encouragement. As they approach their house, they spot Japjot, Gurleen, and others reading a notice displayed on the gate. With dismay, Angad reads out loud that Yash has sent an eviction notice. Manveer adamantly declares that this cannot be allowed to happen.

Garry asks Jasleen to leave Brar Jeweler’s office. Jasleen says he can do that and asks her where he has been all these days and where his mother is. According to Garry, his mother always made him feel superior, made him follow Angad, kept him away from his father, etc. Jasleen says his father sent a notice to vacate Brar’s mansion. Is he willing to make her homeless? According to Garry, his father did nothing wrong, and he believes he should learn this lesson.

Yash returns. Jasleen confronts him about his father poisoning his mind against her. She thinks he is the prince who will get her out of her trouble, but he is here to trouble her; she left him when he was poor and now wants back in his life when he is wealthy. Jasleen says she thought everything was refixed between them. Yash says it was her confusion, so he used her to avenge Brars.

Brar’s attorney explained that a stay order could not be requested because the court closed on Monday. Gurleen accuses Yash of purposely causing trouble by sending the notice on a Friday. Akaal insists on waiting but refuses to back down to Yash. Upon seeing Manveer’s distress, Angad follows her into her room. Manveer expresses her deep connection to their home and blames Yash for attempting to take it away from them. Angad assures her that he will find a solution. Meanwhile, Jasleen returns home in tears and confesses to Japjot that Yash used her as a pawn to destroy their family, causing Garry to turn against her. Japjot and Sahiba offer comfort. Garry hosts a pool party for their friends, and Sahiba also attends.


She says she needs something from Garry now that he has Angad’s house, business, fame, etc. Sahiba says she has his mother. Will he listen to her now that he has these things?

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