Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th October 2023 Written Episode: Kiran’s Confrontation Leads to Unexpected Revelations


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Rane slaps Kiran hard. Savi says he will now understand what it feels like to be tortured. Kiran argues he is being wrongly punished for wrong accusations by Harini and Savi. Despite his bruised hand, Rane lifts him up and shouts. Harini’s goon professor hits him on Savi’s orders. Kiran shouts she is doing something wrong.

The constable is ordered to work out on him if he means he is innocent. Harini is asked to rest by Savi. Rane says she should be a police officer because she is so confident with handling issues. Savi wants to become an IAS officer, but her father was an IPS officer from Nagpur division. Rane asks if she stays in Nagpur. Savi says she is from Ramtek. Rane says his grandfather was a professor at Ramtek, so they are very similar.

It was Ishan who asked Rane why he called him here. Rane said there was a complaint of goondagiri against him. Ishan blames Savi again, saying she must have complained. Rane taunts him if he can foresee the future. Ishan asks when he said that. Afterward, Rane says that he believes Savi complained against him because Kiran complained against him, and he punished Kiran for misbehaving with Savi.

Ishan nods, stating he did not act wrongly in punishing the monster for his transgressions. Savi quietly mutters that he is a hypocrite. Ishan questions her statement. In response, Savi reminds him of how he repeatedly humiliates Kiran, blames her for the attack by goons and Kiran’s actions, and accuses her of lacking character. Rane observes their petty argument in silence. After Savi leaves, she asks Rane if she can go now, to which he responds affirmatively and then turns to Ishan, requesting him to wait until they complete the necessary formalities.

The pair return to Shantanu’s house. Isha provides first aid to Harini and tells her to stay strong against Kiran. Shantanu calls Rane and asks him to teach Kiran a lesson. Ishan says he has already taught Kiran a lesson for troubling his students. Ishan asks him not to complain about him to Baba. Shantanu says it’s good to hear that and asks him to punish him according to the rules. Rane says he is Shantanu’s student and will not violate them.

Isha tells Harini that she will prepare the food of her choice today. Shantanu says they will eat well today. Harini hugs Isha and cries, saying she reminds her of Ashwini Aaji. Isha comforts her as Rane tells Ishan to fix his mistake with Savi. Ishan returns home and thinks he did wrong with Savi. Surekha asks why he looks anxious. Ishan says Inspector Rane called him to investigate Kiran’s complaint.

Surekha attributes Rane’s forgetfulness to Shantanu’s mistake. Ishan questions Shantanu’s involvement and acknowledges Rane’s perspective on his wrongdoings towards Savi. Surekha, sensing Ishan’s mood, apologizes and agrees with him. She then excuses herself. Later, Savi drops Harini off at her house, and Harini expresses her desire to join her on the trip to Ramtek. However, Savi advises against it as Bhavani may not understand and send her back to Kiran. Kiran returns home silently, followed by Harini.

While playing table tennis with Prateek, Ishan loses himself in thought. Prateek alerts him. Ishan says he made a mistake with Savi and wants to apologize to her. Prateek suggests that he offer flowers and apologize. Ishan says she will be more angry if he does this. Isha called Ishan said she spoke with him for two minutes and informed him that she would be leaving Pune tomorrow.

She says he is a true man, as he is her son, but also a human who makes mistakes just like she did. He shouldn’t hesitate to correct his mistake if he is wrong and shouldn’t hesitate to apologize. Her blessings will always be with her, and he can call her whenever he wants to talk to his mother, etc. For the first time, Ishan silently listens to her.


Savi receives flowers from Ishan, who apologizes for wrongly accusing her and bothering her to the core. He invites her to attend his lecture today if she has forgiven him.

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