Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th April 2023 Written Episode Update


He asks Seerat if she revealed Garry’s name to Samrat. Seerat nods no. Santosh recalls Seerat subconsciously asking Garry not to leave her alone in the morning. Angad and Sahiba’s relationship will be threatened if the secret is out. She wakes Seerat. Seerat asks who saved her. Santosh says Angad and Sahiba saved her, and God gave her a chance to redeem herself.

Santosh curses her and warns her not to reveal to anyone that she had eloped with Garry or else Sahiba’s relationship with Agnad would get in trouble. Seerat accepts and apologizes. As Angad returns home, he picks up the alcohol bottle. Manveer stops him and warns him not to touch alcohol again. She wonders whether Sahiba or her sister said anything to him, they are determined to trouble him.

Angad cries on her lap and says he never troubled or misbehaved with anyone, so why is fate bothering him. He says he truly loved Seerat, but she left him for someone else.

She asks if Seerat revealed who she eloped with. He says no, but she just said sorry; why is he thinking about her when she doesn’t love him; he was in a delusion and it broke down. If she was able to reverse time, she might be able to protect him from Sahiba and Seerat. After that, as usual, he blames Sahiba, deciding to punish her for his problems.

Keerat asks Seerat why she attempted suicide. Ajith asks her why she tried committing suicide. Seerat says she doesn’t want to talk about it, will not return home if they don’t want her to, and will hide her face somewhere if they don’t want her to. Keerat asks if her boyfriend forced her to commit suicide.

She tells her to stop talking rubbish, she will go home soon, and she asks her parents to let her stay at their home for her sake. They nod, and Seerat asks why she is so sacrificial and kind-hearted. They reach home. Seerat recalls her parents kicking her out of the house. The family serves her food. Seerat hurriedly finishes it to reveal how hungry she was.

She is comforted by Sahiba, who resolves to find Seerat’s suffering boy. Keerat wakes up and says she can’t tolerate the lecture. Seerat continues to cry even during sleep. Sahiba asks her to forgive herself first and live peacefully. Sahiba asks her to calm down and don’t forget that Seerat is their elder sister. Keerat says Seerat is a shame to sisterhood and even if god and everyone forgive her, she won’t accept her forgiveness.

She is served black tea the next morning by Santosh because she couldn’t wake up early to bring milk. Sahiba says she will prepare butter parantha, and they will all enjoy black tea and paranthas. Someone knocks on the door. Taiji tells Ajith that Santosh didn’t sleep during the night.

Sahiba tells Keerat that the boy Seerat eloped with is responsible for all the problems; Seerat is hiding his identity under pressure, and she will find out who he is.

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