Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Episode Update


Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan for 28th February 2023

Keerat shows Seerat’s photo to people on the road and asks if they saw her. They say no. Keerath thinks if it were Ludhiana, her friends would have found her and dragged her to the mandap.

Sahiba calls her and says she will go to mandap as a bride. Keerath asks her not to do that. Sahiba asks her to find Seerat and bring her back. Keerath asks her not to sacrifice herself for Santosh and Seerat’s sake.

After Seerat returns, Jasleen says Sahiba will simply replace her in the mandap and walk away. Sahiba recalls Santosh threatening to commit suicide and asks Santosh if she is doing the right thing. Santosh says the only way to save her father is this. While getting ready as a bride, Sahiba thinks she hates lying but now has to do it.

Brars get angry waiting for Seerat. Inder says he doesn’t think the wedding will happen today. An Angad feels anxious and says he will check. Ajith stops him. Bebe suggests they get Angad to the mandap. Manveer disagrees. Suspicion between Brars continues. Santosh and Jasleen bring the bride. Gurleen says their bride is the most beautiful in the world. Veer jokes with Angad.

Seerat’s lehenga burned while ironing, so Santosh took time to repair it. Manveer asks Santosh why she’s so late. Santosh says she’s covering Seerat’s face with a veil because it’s her family tradition not to remove the veil until the wedding is over. Jasleen supports Seerat and says they shouldn’t delay the wedding now, as she is hearing about this for the first time.

Seeing a temple, Seerat asks Garry to pull over. Garry stops. Garry refuses to marry her. As Ajith takes the bride to the mandap, he realizes that it is Sahiba instead of the bride. He recalls the incident where he softened Sahiba’s hands with ghee. Santosh should step aside for a moment, he insists.

Darji asks if everything is alright. Ajith says yes and takes Santosh aside. He asks who is under the veil. She lies bride. He warns her to stop lying since he is able to identify his children even under the veil and asks where Seerat is. She tells him Seerat eloped with someone. Brars will be informed of this, he says. She pleads with him not to and uses emotional blackmail to stop him.

Keerat finds Seerat in a car and stops it. Seerat gets tensed. Angad wants to see Sahiba’s face.

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