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Anupama 3rd April 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama keeps calling  Kanta and gets worried when she does not pick up the phone.  She tells Bhavesh that Anuj is angry and if Kanta says anything to him then things could get worse. We don’t know how Anuj will react.

Kanta says the love that did not fade for 26 years just disappeared in a flash.  Anuj tells Kanta that he still loves Anupama more than anyone else in this world.  Maaya is shocked and worried to hear this.  Anuj asks Kanta if she has seen anyone burning from the inside.  While he is burning he is suffering and does not know where he goes, what he does, and with whom he interacts. He has no clue about it.  He does now know what he is doing because he is burning and suffering from inside. He too was suffering the same way.  In his pain, he did not realize what he was doing. He did not have any idea of what he was saying, to whom and why. Anuj admits that things should not have happened this way.  He did not want to separate from Anupama.   Kanta asks him if he understands all this then why did he leave his wife and come here to Maaya’s house?  Anuj tells her that he came here because his daughter lives here. He loves Little Anu as much as he loves Anupama and he cannot live without his daughter.  She asks him if he can live without Anupama.  She tells him that if he could not live without his daughter he could have come here with Anupama.  He left Anupama crying at home.  She asks him what was Anupama’s fault that the person whom she loves the most has made her cry so much.

Anuj tells Kanta that Anupama has not made a mistake because she can never make a mistake. When asked if she did not make any mistake then why is she being punished Anuj replies that nobody understands – not even you. Anuj says he is punishing himself and not Anupama. That’s the reason he has left everyone and come here. He says he does not know what happened between him and Anupama and that they drifted away from each other.  We both love each other a lot but we have drifted apart.  He says his expectations from Anupama may have been too high that she was not able to fulfil them.  Anuj says that after so many years he got a family, and he got so much happiness. Anupama, Little Anu and he was a small happy family.  Then someone cast an evil eye on them and Little Anu was taken away from them. His world fell apart when Little Anu left and he wanted Anupama to help him stop Little Anu from leaving.  He expected Anupama to try but she did nothing of that sort. That’s why he felt that Anupama was not taking proper care of Little Anu. Anuj feels that when he supported Anupama in all her troubles then when Little Anu was leaving why was he the only one understanding all the problems?  He did not like Anupama ignoring Little Anu always and finally, when his daughter went away in a fit of rage he says a lot of things and everything got out of hand now he is not able to rectify it so he came here.

Kanta tries to make Anuj understand that if he wishes things can get back to normal even now before it’s too late.  Kanta reminds him that he said he loves Anupama.  Anuj replies saying that he has always loved Anupama and will continue loving her but things have changed now. Everything has changed.  He asks Kanta if she has seen the cracks in the glass.  How much ever we try we cannot erase the cracks.  The same thing happened to their relationship.  There are too many cracks in their relationship now. He shows her a glass and says that he has tried wiping the glass many times but he cannot see the glass.  He can only see the crack in the glass. He cannot unsee the cracks.  He cannot forget everything that has happened. He is not able to forget everything that he has said and done and he is sure even Anupama will not be able to forget anything. He is not sure if he will be able to return again.  Just as he cannot see the glass he cannot see their bond also.  If he goes back to Anupama he will not be able to look at her in the eye.

Kanta takes the glass from his hand and throws in on the ground.  She asks him to be clear in what he wants to say.  He says love is there but it’s broken.  Anupama is not at fault but he does not want to go back to her. What exactly does he want?  Anuj says he wants his Anupama to be happy.  He pleads with Kanta to pull her out of her sorrow.  He says after Little Anu came into their life his love for Anupama has not diminished.  It’s just that her duties and his expectations of her have entangled their bond in such a way that despite his efforts he is not able to make things right.  He says no matter how much we try their bond cannot be fixed now so he wants Kanta to help Anupama get out of her pain.  He says even if he goes back he will only cause her more pain.  They will just keep having arguments and fighting constantly. Anupama has gone through a lot in life and he does not want to give her any more pain.  Anuj says he loves Anupama a lot and does not want to give her more pain and he loves Little Anu a lot too and does not want to leave her.

Kanta asks Anuj that in spite of knowing that her daughter cannot live without him, he wants to leave her for the sake of his daughter.  Anuj asks Kanta for a favour.  He says that Anupama must be waiting with the hope that he will come back and everything will return to normal to please go and tell her not to hold on to such hopes.  Anupama is the best person there is and she cannot make any mistakes but he has messed things up.  He has changed.  He tells Kanta to pull Anupama out of this misery.  Tell her not to have any hopes.

Anupama stands to pray and says that she knows that Kanta has gone to talk to Anuj about her.  She is feeling very nervous just now. She tells God that he knows what’s happening there so please take care of things and not let anything get worse. She prays for Anuj to return.  Bhavesh asks her to calm down. Anupama asks Bhavesh if everything will be fine and if Anuj and Little Anu will return and he assures her that things will be fine.  She tells Bhavesh she only wants her mom to return with Anuj and Little Anu. She then says she should not think this way as it’s Navratri and an auspicious day and on this auspicious day Kanta has gone so everything will be fine.  She turns around and tells Goddess she is the Goddess who sacrifices but she is just a human and wants her family back with her.  She cries and pleads to set things right and get her Anuj and Little Anu back.

Anuj tells Kanta that it’s painful when hopes are false.  He kept telling himself all his life not to have hopes.  Until Kanta does not shatter Anupama’s hopes she will not learn to live. She will keep waiting for her Anuj all her life and keep dying every minute. He does not want to see Anupama in that condition – just breathing while waiting for death. The Anuj that Anupama loved does not exist anymore.  He is feeling a strange emptiness in his heart.  He is like a mad person now who does not know what he is doing. He says to tell Anupama that Anuj’s chapter in her life is over now.  She now should start her life afresh, with a new chapter.  When Anupama overcomes this pain and starts living for herself then he will forgive himself.  He won’t face her before that.  Anuj goes down on his knees and begs Kanta to teach Anupama to start living again.  She should learn to live without him. He asks her to promise him that she will teach Anupama to live without him.

Anuj tells Kanta he is going to bring Little Anu who had gone to get something and has not yet come back.  Kanta stands there remembering everything that Anuj has said.  Anuj goes to the bathroom and cries.

Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam.. with this song playing in the background Anuj and Anupama are both crying and remembering the first time they met. 

Maaya comes and sees Kanta crying and thinks to herself that she was unnecessarily getting worried.  Anuj has drifted so far away from Anupama that he will not return to her ever and now she can have her way. She walks up to Kanta and tells her that she now knows that Anuj does not want to return to Anupama.  Anuj loves his daughter more than Anupama.  That’s the reason he left everything behind to come to her. Little Anu and Anuj are very happy with each other.  The three of them are very happy in their little world. Maaya says it’s unfortunate that neither Anuj nor Little Anu is missing Anupama. Anupama has hurt Anuj a lot so if Anuj wants to stay away from Anupama and be happy then let him be.  Maaya says if she herself had to tell her the truth she may not have believed her so it’s good that Anuj clarified everything.  She says she is feeling sorry for Anupama but she cannot help it as it is not her decision but it is Anuj’s.  Maaya says she has not come between Anuj and Anupama but Anupama herself has driven Anuj away. Anupama ruined her family.  Maaya says Anupama is a very nice person and she does not wish anything bad for her.  So please take care of her.

Maaya then asks Kanta to leave because she is going out with Anuj and Little Anu.  She agrees to send the driver with her but Kanta refuses saying those who come on their own can also leave on their own be it her or Anuj.

Precap:  Anupama collapses when Kanta tells her that Anuj is not returning.

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