Anupama 2nd April 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

Samar informs Kanta that Anuj is in Mumbai with Maaya and tells her to inform Anupama as she is worried for him.  Kanta tells Anupama that Anuj is with Maaya.  Anupama is shocked to hear that he is with Maaya. Kanta says Anuj has turned his mistake into a sin.

Samar bangs the wall with a hammer venting out his frustration.  Baa asks him why is he venting out his frustration on the nail.  Samar says Anuj is also venting out Maaya’s anger on Anupama. He says how come Anuj found only Maaya’s house to stay.  Anuj is doing this only to hurt Anupama more.  Vanraj tells him that things will not change if he gets angry.  Kavya says Anuj has gone to Maaya’s house to meet Little Anu.  Leela says that Maaya will now trap Anuj and keep him in Mumbai forever.  Kavya reminds Leela that Anuj has no feelings for Maaya.  Leela replies that slowly he will fall for her.  Husbands very easily fall into such traps and some women are experts at exploiting such situations.  Kavya replies that some men are also experts at exploiting such situations. Vanraj asks if she is talking about Anirudh.

Leela says Vanraj was right that this 26 years of love was a lie.  If it was true, it would not have ended so soon.  Meeting Little Anu was just an excuse.  Anuj has gone to Mumbai to meet Maaya.

Hasmukh says during Fast one should not only abstain from food but also abstain from gossiping and taunting.  Toshu says Leela is right.  If Anuj wanted to only meet Little Anu he could have informed Anupama before going. Kinjal also agrees that Anuj could have informed them before going.

Paakhi asks Samar who told him that Anuj is with Maaya,  Samar says Dimple informed him that Maaya had messaged Barkha.  Paakhi tells Samar not to trust Dimple as she is in the habit of gossiping and adding spice to everything.  Samar warns Paakhi not to say anything further.  Gossiping is her forte and not Dimples.  Both argue about Dimple’s character for some time when Vanraj asks them to both keep quiet. Leela tells Samar not to keep repeating Dimple’s name too often.

Vanraj says Anuj first made the mistake of leaving the house and now a bigger mistake by going to Maaya’s house. Vanraj is feeling sorry for Anupama as she must be in deep distress now.

Kanta tells Anupama that she is worried about where Anuj must be wandering but Anuj is not wandering.  He has wandered.  People go astray but he has gone on the wrong path.  Anupama says he must have not realized.  He has not gone to Maaya but has gone to Little Anu.  He is not aware of what he is doing just now.  Kanta says she wants to tell Anupama a bitter truth that nobody likes to hear.  In every relationship, one person loves more than the other. That person’s loyalty and responsibility is always more than the others. She says that in Anuj and Anupama’s relationship we always that Anuj was that person but now we realize that it was Anupama.  Anupama says he waited 26 years for her.  Kanta asks her if Anuj did not meet any girl in 26 years.  Didn’t he have any relationships? What kind of a wait was this?

Anupama says she has three grown-up children and is a divorcee but still he married her.  Anupama pleads with Kanta that she can be angry with Anuj and question his actions but not question Anuj’s love for her.  Kanta says she is not questioning his love but only stating that Anupama’s love is bigger and stronger.  If Anuj wanted to go to Mumbai only to meet Little Anu then he could have informed her and gone. Anupama explains that Anuj is shattered just now and is not aware of his actions and when one is shattered he does not realize what he or she is doing. He is not doing anything willingly.  It’s good at least we know he is Maaya and we are assured he is safe because he is with Little Anu. Anupama says she only wants Anuj to be safe.  He wanted a break from her and he got that.  Kanta tells her that this is a marriage and not some tv serial to be wanting a break.  Kanta says this is about her daughter’s happiness and she will not spare Anuj.  She will do what a mother should do for her daughter.

Toshu starts walking in the house with the help of a walker.  He is upset with Anuj because he has left Anupama for another woman. Toshu says Anuj’s true colours can be seen now.  He says if Anuj could leave Anupama for another woman then Anupama should have come to the Shah house when Vanraj asked her to come. Kinjal warns him not to think or say anything more.  Kinjal tells Toshu not to even think of Vanraj and Anupama.  Kinjal tells him that he has not learnt anything from his mistakes.  Anuj has gone to Maaya’s house to meet Little Anu and we cannot be judgemental.  Anuj has not left Anupama for another woman.  There can be misunderstandings between husband and wife and that does not mean that they have separated for good.  And this also does not mean that Vanraj or Maaya have a chance now. She warns Tosho not to talk such nonsense again. Toshu thinks to himself that if Anupama can stay with Kanta then why can’t she stay with them?  Why does Kinjal not understand such a small thing?

Little Anu pleads with Anuj to stay back when he gets ready to leave.  Maaya also tells him that if Little Anu wishes then he should stay back.  Anuj tells her that Little Anu is a kid but she is grown up so she should understand.  Anuj explains to Little Anu that he will be staying at a friend’s place and will meet her daily.  Little Anu asks Anuj when will Anupama be coming to meet her. Anuj says because of Navratri Anupama cannot go out of the house.  Little Anu goes to her room to get something for Anuj.

Maaya tells Anuj that he can come and meet Little Anu whenever he wishes to.  Anuj thanks her for letting him meet his daughter and requests that whenever Anu wants to meet him she should allow her to.  He also says in future he would like to meet Little Anu alone and does not want anyone else to be present.  Maaya agrees.   The doorbell rings and Maaya goes to open the door.

Kanta is at the door.  Maaya and Anuj are shocked to see her.

Anupama is uneasy even after prayers.  Bhavesh asks her to calm down.  Anupama asks why Kanta has gone alone to meet Anuj.  She could have taken Bhavesh with her. Anupama is worried that Kanta has gone in anger and any conversation had in anger only leads to arguments.  There will not be any peaceful talks. Anupama is worried her mothers anger will not make things worse for everyone.

Maaya calls Kanta in the house.  She asks for Little Anu.  When Maaya says she is in her bedroom Kanta asks Maaya also to go in the bedroom because she wants to talk to Anuj alone.  She asks Anuj if he came into Anupama’s life to make her life better or make it worse.

Anupama refuses to have the tea that Bhavesh has made.  She is worried about whats happening in Mumbai.  Vanraj comes to meet Anupama.  When Bhavesh asks him why has he come Vanraj replies that he was worried for Anupama.  Bhavesh tells Vanraj that when he should have been worrying about her that time he did not care and now there is no need for him to worry. Vanraj says he has not come here to fight but only to talk to Anupama.

Vanraj tells Anupama that it may be difficult for her to trust him.  He will not claim that he has changed but he is definitely trying to change. Bhavesh says that he changes so often that he himself must not be knowing his true colours. Vanraj tells Bhavesh that wherever Anupama stays she need not worry about anything. Vanraj assures her that he will always be with her.  Bhavesh tells Vanraj we have seen how he can be a friend when he befriended Mukku and tried to snatch away the Kapadia empire.  Anupama joins hands and thanks Vanraj for visiting and says she is fine.  Vanraj again says he is always there for her.  They ask Vanraj to leave.  Vanraj gives Bhavesh the snacks he brought for Anupama saying she likes that very much.  Bhavesh warns Anupama not to trust Vanraj ever. Anupama anxiously asks him what is happening in Mumbai just now.

Kanta asks Anuj if he did not want this relationship and why did he start it in the first place.  If he wanted to leave her then why did he marry?  Why did he love her? Why did he wait for her for so many years? Why did he fight with the whole world for her? Anupama may not have been in a good condition before Anuj first met her but at least she was not as bad as she is today.  Why did he give her hope when he just wanted to ruin her dreams? Why did he make her so happy if he wanted to take away all her happiness?  Did he once think about what would be Anupama’s condition before he came here?  Kanta says she is his as well as Anupama’s mother.  She is sad to see the condition of both of them. She is angry just now on both.  She asks Anuj why is he doing this. Their love story was an inspiration to all then why are they insulting that love now? She again asks Anuj to tell her what happened. What is the matter?  What’s so serious?  What sin did Anupama commit that he ended the relationship and come here?  It’s not only he who has lost a daughter.  Is fathers love everything and mothers love nothing?  Is pain everything?  Does his wife mean nothing to him?

Little Anu asks Maaya why they have to stay in the room and not go out.  Maaya tells her that as soon as Kanta and Anuj finish their talks they will go out.

Kanta says that though he is not saying anything she knows what’s going on in his mind.  He must be thinking that because of Anupama his daughter got separated from him.  He must be thinking that Anupama is responsible for his pain and suffering.  If he thinks that it’s her fault then it is not true. He can blame God, blame the situation or else blame fate but he cannot blame Anupama. Whatever was destined to happen had happened. But instead of understanding, instead of standing by Anupama’s side he left her all alone and came here.  Kanta tells Anuj that after he left the house she too left and was looking everywhere for him. And finally, she got tired and lost all hope and came to her house. Anuj is shocked to hear that.  Kanta says she had no option but to leave the house that her husband and her daughter left.  How could she live in that house?  She says we all have our share of pain and suffering but thinking of only our own suffering is being selfish. Anuj left the house and the city to escape from pain and suffering and drifted away from Anupama. She asks him if that lessened his pain. Is he happy after leaving Anupama to suffer alone? True love can never be selfish she said. And where there is selfishness there cannot be true love.

Anupama is praying and says that her mom has gone to meet Anuj and she hopes everything is well there.

Anuj tells Kanta that Anupama must be waiting for him to return so that everything would become normal again. He asks her to tell Anupama not to keep any such hopes. Tell her that Anuj’s chapter in her life is over now.

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