Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

The Episode starts with Abhinav hugging Abhir and crying. Akshu feeds the water to Abhir. Tujhse naraaz…plays… Neela sits by Abhir’s side and prays. Abhinav asks Abhir to rest. Abhir says I don’t trust this hospital, they said they would cut my stomach, but they had cut my chest. You have become a doctor, Abhinav says.

Abhir says we’ll go home. Akshu says we’ll go to Udaipur. Abhir says yay, it’s a big surprise, when have you come, I’m happy, I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. Abhi is on his way. He wonders why he is feeling restless. Akshu recalls the doctor’s words. Abhir spots Abhi and shouts doc man. Abhi stops the car. He sees the other car going. Abhir says I had seen doc man, but he didn’t hear my voice, so he will know we have arrived, and it will be a surprise to him. Abhi thinks I felt Abhir calling me. Abhir greets Manish. He says you’re my buddy, don’t touch feet, give me a hug, come. Abhir requests snacks from Suwarna.

Muskaan says I have got drawing books and sketch pens. Akshu says don’t let him jump. Manish says I didn’t expect this from my daughter, Jamai sa, you don’t see yourself as a part of this family. He scolds Akshu.

He asks what will you feel if Abhir hides things from him, Abhir is a son of this house, he is a part of this family. Suwarna says calm down, your blood pressure will go up. He gets angry and leaves. Kairav says I’ll talk to him, it’s his love, Abhir’s surgery won’t be done by Abhi, there are many doctors, Akshu may also want this, but she will never want Abhi to perform Abhir’s surgery. Despite Akshu’s response, Abhi will perform his surgery.

Abhi gets a phone. Aarohi says phones aren’t allowed here. He says soldiers and doctors are never off duty, my patient can need me, I will explain why a doctor can’t be unavailable, where is Ruhi, come. Kairav says you took Kalash home, and it was a big drama, why Abhi again?

Dadi asks her to stop it. Surekha says fate isn’t letting them get separated, Abhir will bring them together, and I’m worried for Akshu. Kairav asks Manjiri if Abhi can do the surgery again because they will taunt him. Akshu says let them do whatever they want, no one can stop me from doing this for my son, I won’t step back. She leaves.

Abhinav says why should she fight this alone, I’ll fight along with her and do my Dharm, I will talk to Abhi to convince him. Surekha says no use, he’s not here, he’s gone to the resort with Ruhi and Aarohi, phones aren’t allowed there, Manjiri knows it, she’s sent them there for three days, please let me know if you need any other assistance. Abhinav says no, Abhir doesn’t have much time.

Then Akshu comes to Manish. When she cried, she said she couldn’t see Abhir’s illness, Abhinav knew it, I scolded Abhinav and said I wouldn’t take Abhir to Udaipur, but he valued Abhir more and said we would come here. You scolded me more because I failed to be a good mum, daughter, and wife.

He told her no, I have failed and it’s likely I’d have done the same – to protect her. He pleaded with her to not keep anything from him again and promised to support and stand by her. He asked if they could find another doctor but she dismissed that option as Abhi was their best hope. He agreed, reminding her to be careful so as not to let their relations suffer; Ruhi and Aarohi’s lives were linked to Abhi, after all.

They sit in the photo booth. They get the photos taken. He asks for a copy. He puts it in his wallet. Aarohi smiles. Abhi says come, we will put it in the room. Manjiri gets a call from Abhinav.

I and Akshu had to come here because we wanted to speak with Abhi once if we could get his number. She says no, stay away from my son. He says it’s about my son. She disconnects. Akshu worries. He says I called Manjiri, but she disconnected the call. Manjiri says I’m here to speak to Akshu.


Manjiri says Abhi and Aarohi are happy that you came back again. Akshu says I want to talk to Dr. Abhimanyu. Manjiri leaves. Akshu calls Abhi. His phone has been put on silent.

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