Anupama 1st April 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

Anupama opens her diary to start writing but she is unable to write anything other than scribbling randomly on the paper. Her thoughts are with Anuj.  Just then the entire Shah family come to meet her.  Anupama hugs Hasmukh and cries bitterly.  Kanta is not happy seeing them.  Baa offers Anupama some prasad.  Anupama controls herself and takes Pari in her arms for a few minutes. Paakhi ties a holy thread to Anupama’s wrist.  Hasmukh remembers Kanta telling them to stay away from Anupama and tells her that they were worried about Anupama and hence came to visit.  Vanraj explains that they were worried about Anupama and hence came to visit.  Baa and then Kavya and the rest of the family say sorry to Anupama for being the cause of her problems. Vanraj too says sorry for hurting her and troubling her knowingly and unknowingly.  Leela confesses she is the one who troubled Anupama the most and kept repeating her mistakes.  Kanta says Leela is right.   Anuj and Anupama were the best pair in this world and because of them, they are not together now. Kanta says that they have said sorry before too but did not change their behaviour.  She says she will not accept their apologies until they promise to put their words into action.  Samar and Toshu promise that they will not trouble her again.  Hasmukh said they should have been her strength and not the cause of her weakness.  Vanraj says he got tired of everyone’s taunts and then vented his anger on Anuj. His anger is gone and now he is feeling guilty for all that the said to Anuj and about Anuj.   Hasmukh says he will pray that all will be well soon.  Paakhi hugs Anupama and says she wants to stay with her.  Leela says that her relationship with Anuj has just been for the past year but she has been connected with the Shah family for the last 27 years so she should come and stay with them.

Kanta warns Leela not to say anything.  Leela then asks Anupama to stay with her mother.  Kavya says every marriage has problems.  Anuj has left in anger but he will come soon because he cannot live without his Anupama.  Anupama is not so sure.  Samar asks her not to lose hope.  Anupama says her heart was broken first and now she has lost hope and courage.  She just hopes that he is safe and well wherever he is. 

Vanraj comes up to Anupama and folds his hands and says sorry again.  Kanta says they have all said sorry and there is no need for a personal sorry again.  Baa and Hasmukh request she let Vanraj speak to Anupama.

Vanraj tells Anupama that whatever he said to her in the temple yesterday was sincere and what he is about to say is also from his heart. He knows she does not need anyone’s support but if she ever needs his help she can call him.  It may be difficult for her to trust him but this time he promises to keep his word.  She may not need his help anytime, but she can call him.  Paakhi thinks that Vanraj is again taking advantage of the situation. 

Leela tells Anupama that she is good but she should not think of everyone as nice people.  Kanta thinks that she should not think that Leela is good.  The Shah family wish her well and leave.  Samar hugs Anupama and asks him if he got any news about Anuj. He nods saying no.

Khaali Haath Shyam aai Hai …. This song is playing in the background.  Anupama is at her table with her diary.  Anuj also has a book in his hand.  Anupama furiously starts writing.  Anuj is also writing something in his book.  Maaya enters his room and thinks that he must be writing his poetry.  She is relieved that he is normal now.  Both Anupama and Anuj are thinking of each other.  Anupama’s pen breaks while she is writing.  Elsewhere Anuj’s pen stops working. Both are crying. 

Kanta and Anupama are at a temple. After the pooja, Kanta tells Anupama that Devika and Dheeraj have constantly been calling and have invited them to see a movie.  Two neighbours see Anupama and say that she is coming to her mother’s place after a long time.  Earlier she would hardly stay for a few hours at her mother’s place so how come this time she has stayed for so long? Kanta turns around and tells them that since they have eaten their prasad let her and Anupama also eat in peace.

They continue discussing and say that they heard that Anuj left Anupama and gone away.  Her second husband has left her in the same way as the first.  Another one says Anupama was an inspiration for all.  We thought no one was more lucky than Anupama to get Anuj as her husband at her age. But just getting a good husband is not enough.  We should maintain the relationship also.  Anupama was not able to do that. Now she will have a third marriage?  They tell Kanta that they know Anupama is a very good woman but Society will blame her after being abandoned by two men.  Their love story was 26 years old.  And at this age, nobody separates.  Kanta asks them who taunts people in a temple.  She lashes out at them for taunting a woman in front of a mother after praying.  She continues lashing out at them and asks them to mind their own business. One woman tells Kanta that they did not know that she too could speak so harshly. Kanta says a mother is quiet when she is hurt but when her child is hurt she reacts.  And she can be that kind of a mother for Anupama.  Kanta holds Anupama’s hand and takes her home.

Samar calls Kanta to inform her that Anuj is with Maaya in Mumbai.

Precap: Kanta goes to Mumbai to meet Anuj.  Anupama is hopeful that she will bring Anuj back.  Anuj tells Kanta that his chapter in Anupama’s life is over.

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