Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maayi waking up Khushi and saying they got a big order, they would get all their money for the month in a day. Khushi says shall I come with you, I will help you. Maayi asks if I have woken you up to do your aarti, and if I will do this work alone. Khushi gets ready.

The flowers are arranged by Ganesh for Minty aunty. He says that your blood pressure has increased. Prachi says it is sorted. When Kaya arrives at the restaurant, she sees her sitting. Kaya says that she feels ill, came to breakfast, but feels pukish. Prachi checks and says you are having a fever, asks her to get up and come to the room, says room service will be arranged.

There is a terrorist who tells other terrorists that today is the day of the test. He asks if they will die, lose, or win. The terrorists keep hands on each other’s hands, and say that we will not die, but kill.

Prachi thanks Kaya as she sits on the bed. She asks if I am looking much unwell. Prachi says if you are unwell, she’ll look. Kaya says I hate you already. Prachi says she’ll order food and call a doctor. Mr. Manager is bringing the doctor here, Kaya says. Prachi says ok, until then have something, then you’ll have to take medicines from the doctor. She cuts the apple.

Prachi asks Kaya to tell me about the guy who broke her heart first. She eats it and Kaya says she’s hungry and feeling fever, but she’ll get by. Prachi says she wants to know everything. Kaya asks who was that guy who betrayed such a caring, smart, intelligent and loving girl. Prachi says he was a careless guy. All men, Kaya says, are careless.

When did you both meet? Prachi says we met in a changing room in college, he wasn’t wearing a shirt at the time, and I didn’t like him. Kaya says our choices and likes match, and asks if the terrorist looks like a typical hero type. After the terrorist collides with Ranbir, Ranbir apologizes, wondering who he was, who was showing attitude.

She says that Prachi was attractive and smart, and my younger sister liked him as well. Kaya asks Prachi what happened then? Prachi says he wanted to hurt me because of someone else, and we fell in love. Mainu ishq tera plays….Kaya says you still love him. Prachi gets sad and tears in her eyes, gets out of bed, and hears someone coming. Ranbir arrives.

Aryan is asked if he knows that he spoke to Damini’s parents about his alliance. Aryan says that’s why I met you. Vikram says you forced her to refuse marriage. Aryan says no, I didn’t refuse. Pallavi asks him what was missing in that girl and asks if she misbehaved with you, if she wasn’t sanskari, etc. Dida says she was so good that no one would refuse her. I swear on God that I didn’t refuse her. Aryan says it was my honor to not refuse her.

It is Pallavi who says what kind of guy he is. She asks whether it is a good idea to call Damini’s parents here. Aryan says I will see how she lies to me. Vikram calls Damini’s father again and asks if you can come with Damini today. In response, he says thanks. Vikram says they will arrive now. Aryan says truth will never fail. Prachi leaves.

When Ranbir arrives at Kaya’s house, he asks her not to cry. Kaya says she is not crying from fever, and says she cried because my friend was crying. Ranbir asks her to tell her you will be fine. Kaya says I made her cry. Ranbir says yes, you make others cry. Kaya says nobody ever talked to her in such a way. Despite being a newcomer, she says I am not a villain.

Ranbir stated that when we love someone profoundly, we essentially give them the power to hurt us. Despite the fact that it may be unbearable to witness, one cannot help but continue to love, even after a devastating break-up. All that is left are memories and immense pain.

It seems you told Kaya’s words too, so she asks him to calm her friend, and says she needs a favor. She says she’ll drop you off tomorrow. Ranbir says I’m not your driver. She says manager or friend. Ranbir says ok, your friend needs me. Prachi is in the washroom when she enters the room. “I’m Kaya’s friend, where are you?”

Rachi hears him, opens the faucet, and gets a towel to wash her face. She cries and keeps the towel back. Ranbir says hello, can you open the door? He says I won’t force you, you can stay alone. Whenever we are alone, we become closer to our hearts, and whoever is in our hearts gets closer to us, and sometimes they hurt us a lot, but we think a lot about them.

The problem is that we used to love someone who hurt us, but they also gave us peace. He says I told your friend Kaya, when we love someone, we give them the ability to hurt us. He calls her Chaaya, Kaya’s friend. He tells her her name and asks her not to cry. He keeps his hand on the door. Prachi keeps her hand on the door. He says I’m feeling strange, don’t cry. The song play yaara ve……

He calls her Chaaya and says that your name will be Meena Kumari, an old film heroine who cried a lot but received her love in the end. He says I pray from my heart that you shall get your love, and he says you can cry now and lighten your heart, but don’t cry after that, because tears don’t matter if they flow in front of him or when you are alone.

His point is that life is not difficult, but it’s easy. He says I want you to find happiness in small things like myself. He says I am lecturing you so much as if I am right, but I miss my love a lot and don’t feel like I am alive without her. The man says it’s easy to lecture, but difficult to carry out. He says life goes on, and we’ll find happiness in the small things in life.

Prachi wipes her tears and gets up. She closes the water tap. Mainu ishq tera plays. She opens the door but Ranbir might not be there.

The terrorists begin shooting innocent people in the hotel. Ranbir hides. Prachi is alerted. The terrorist instructs others to kill everyone.

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