Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2023 Written Update on

As the episode commences, Ruhi witnesses a heated exchange between Akshara and Manjiri. Aarohi intervenes and urges Akshara to depart. Though Mahima suggests buying new school shoes for Abhir, Akshara explains that he suffers from shoe bites, hence she has already purchased a pair for him. Manjiri expresses her concern and requests Akshara to stop visiting them so that Abhir can be happy here. Ruhi leaves after witnessing the tense moment. Later on, Surekha reprimands Muskaan while Manish urges her to let go of the issue. Dadi reminds everyone that Muskaan is their daughter-in-law, and during times of distress, she must shoulder the responsibility with grace.

Muskaan interrupts Kairav. Abhinav believes he cannot offer any insight, only Akshara could have defended her, but where is she? Aarohi takes the shoes and Akshara expresses gratitude. Tut ke….plays… Meanwhile, Abhir tries on his new shoes and cries out in pain. Akshara hears him and rushes over. Ruhi informs her that Maasi came to give Abhir the shoes but Dida is scolding her. Excitedly, Abhir exclaims that his mumma has come and heads over to see her. Sadly, Akshara realizes her dress is stuck in the door and frantically looks for Abhir as she leaves. Just as she steps out, Abhir comes running after her, calling out “mumma”. Manjiri becomes worried about the situation.

Muskaan says it is my mistake, Amma, Akshara can’t think of anything other than Abhir, and if anything happens to Dadi, maybe I can’t take care of the family. Neela says it’s okay, everyone makes mistakes. Muskaan sees Kairav and ends call. She says I will get your clothes, you are running late for work. Muskaan hugs her and says not everyone is right always, we’re not perfect, but I want you to remember that you are perfect for me.

When Akshara leaves, Abhimanyu comes home. He asks her, did you get hurt, where are you focusing. She cries and he asks what happened, you came to meet Abhir, did you meet him. She replies that nothing new has happened, it’s all old. He asks if Maa said anything. Maa is allowed to do anything for her children, but every mother does not have that right; she cannot protect her children. He asks if you have apologized to Maa for losing Neil.

He asks me what I did, did I go to court. She says you won the case, Abhir is with you, so don’t separate him from us. She says you’re making him away, I’m afraid he will become like you if he stays with you. He says he is already like me, we can’t change it, I am his father, just think from my perspective once. She looks into your world, you can’t comprehend my fear, he says you can’t comprehend my pain. She leaves.

Manjiri hugs Abhir. Abhimanyu says, calm down, Abhir. Abhimanyu says I will talk to elders like this. He asks did my mumma leave, why did you scold my mumma, you are very bad. Abhir says you felt bad when I spoke to your mumma like this, and I also felt bad when she scolded my mumma, no one can scold my mumma like that. I came here to stay, but I will get angry and not love anyone if they tell my mumma anything. Abhimanyu worries.

Abhir says I don’t want this new uniform, I won’t go to school. Abhimanyu comes and holds his ears. He says sorry, it was Manjiri’s mistake, your mumma just got shoes for you, we’re going to school, I’ll get those shoes. It is his responsibility to make Abhir wear the shoes. He thinks that this is what he always wanted, and it is taking place today as he prepares his son for school. Abhir asks him to come down, as he has a surprise for him. His mother would be devastated.

Akshara calls Abhinav. Surekha says Muskaan, get some water, wait, leave it, if you go to get water and sink the house then, Muskaan says I’ll be careful. Surekha says we don’t want any mistakes. Akshara comes home and says I made the mistake, Muskaan didn’t, I was lost and kept the stove on. Surekha says there is no need to hide her mistake, if she does something big, we’ll suffer. Akshara says it was my mistake, so why don’t you understand?

Surekha has a right to scold Muskaan, says Abhinav. Akshara says I hate this word, right… I made a mistake, yet you are scolding Muskaan when she did no mistake, you see me as a daughter, but you see her as a bahu. There is a disagreement between us, and she says I regret that this is happening in my house. We are educated, so why do you see it differently between daughter and bahu? If this happened to me and Aarohi, then how would you feel?

As Manish points out, Akshara is right, education doesn’t change thinking, we just think we’re food, we’d have thought of someone before hurting anyone. Muskaan, forgive me. Dadi says I broke the promise to Neela, I promised to keep Muskaan as a daughter, and we blamed her today, and it happened at Naira’s time as well. Dadi hugs Muskaan, and Surekha says they’ll regret it later. Kairav thanks Akshara. Muskaan says don’t say sorry, scold me more, it reminds me of Amma. Muskaan says don’t say sorry, scold me more, it reminds me of Amma.

Manjiri expresses concerns about Abhir accepting new relations if Akshara continues to meet him. However, Abhimanyu reminds her that Akshara is his mother. Manjiri then recalls that he had mentioned this because of Akshara. Abhimanyu points out that Abhir is their grandson and their reaction made him feel like his parents were not welcome there. He questions why it would be a problem for Abhir to write Sharma ji’s name. Manjiri feels like she is being judged, but Ruhi interrupts and asks for Abhimanyu’s help. As they are getting ready to leave for school, Abhir arrives and they show him a surprise – a “good luck” board with balloons. Excitedly, he holds the board and balloons while Abhimanyu takes a photo.


Akshara prays. Abhimanyu brings Abhir home. Akshara runs and opens arms for Abhir. Abhir stops. Abhinav says that Akshara passed the exam. Kairav says that Akshara has become a lawyer. Abhir gets happy and says my mom passed the exam. Akshara gets home.


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