Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 26th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Akshara speaks to a picture of Abhinav, while Abhir watches with a somber expression. Wiping away her tears, she invites him to join her and helps him settle into bed. Gazing at the moon in the distance, she reflects on how much Abhir must be missing his father and apologizes for not being able to do more for them. Unable to contain his emotions, Abhir joins her and confesses that he too is missing his dad. She notices he’s wearing an odd sock and embraces him fondly, reminding him that it’s not just them but everyone who misses their beloved family member. Though he may no longer be physically present, Abhinav lives on in their hearts, memories, and even in the night sky. He would want Abhir to continue attending school and playing football with all his heart.

Abhir expressed how much he misses his father while I was at school and eating, as he used to be involved in so many activities. But now, I am struggling with this work without him. His mother believes that he is going through a tough time and can’t help but wonder if there’s a way for him to be with his dad. She calls out for Abhir, who breaks down into tears. Feeling guilty, she rushes out of the house. As she reaches her car where Abhimanyu is waiting for her, she recalls memories of Abhinav and bursts into tears again. He comforts her by saying it’s alright and reminds her that every mother would act the same way when upset. She explains how Abhir brought up the topic of going to his dad and she couldn’t handle it. He assures her that the situation is difficult and it’s not her fault.

He says parents should be responsible, but you are alone, you are not guilty, you have a right to cry, shout, it’s okay, are you facing your pain? She says I should have listened to him. She says I miss Abhinav a lot, but Abhir is the most important, his exams are coming, and I’m not worried about school, but he shouldn’t sit at home, he doesn’t like to sit at home, and we need to act otherwise he will learn to live with it.

In the morning, Abhimanyu comes to collect Abhir’s books. As he is sorting through them, he comes across Abhinav’s diary and contemplates whether he should read it or not. Eventually, he decides to give it to Akshara instead. However, as he hands over the diary, it slips from his grasp and falls onto the ground. Curiosity getting the best of him, Abhimanyu picks up the diary and begins to read a few entries from Nikke ji’s PJ diary. A smile creeps onto his face as he reads through the comical anecdotes. He admires Nikke ji for writing such an entertaining diary and wonders how he could possibly live up to that standard. Nevertheless, he is determined to try for Abhir’s sake and expresses his gratitude for being entrusted with this task. Meanwhile, Abhir yawns lazily and admits to feeling sleepy. To motivate him, Abhimanyu suggests that his mind is only sleeping because his body has been oversleeping lately. He then proceeds to tell some jokes in hopes of jolting Abhir’s mind awake. But instead of laughing, Abhir scolds him for making light of the situation. Nonetheless, Abhimany

Akshara and Muskaan arrive. The former advises her companion to calm down. Muskaan reassures her by saying that no one can replace her father. Akshara questions why she is trying to emulate Abhinav’s behavior, to which Muskaan apologizes. Acknowledging the apology, Akshara reminds her of the time when she made an effort to make him laugh. Suddenly, Akshara receives a call and informs Muskaan that she won’t be able to make it to court and will have to find another lawyer for their case. Apologizing profusely for her absence, she adds that Abhir is extremely important to her and work cannot take precedence over him. However, he insists that she takes a break and he will handle things for today. In response, Akshara asserts confidently that she has everything under control.

Manish says I am worried about Abhir and Akshara as well. Abhimanyu says she isn’t fine, she isn’t listening, so you have to help me explain her. Akshara looks on. She calls and says I’m coming to fight the case. She says I’m capable of facing the world all alone, and I’ll prove it. As she looks at Abhinav’s picture, Abhir remembers everyone. She says, “I’m a bad boy, I’m hurting everyone, I miss you, please help me.”

Upon arriving at the court, Akshara is reminded of Abhinav and is left breathless. As she drops her key, a man reminds her that they are running late. She becomes paralyzed with anxiety, but he urges her to join him or risk losing the case. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu arrives at the court and wonders what to do for an hour before deciding to visit a junior colleague. He sits in his car feeling restless and continues driving until he spots Akshara’s presence. Excitedly, he rushes over to her and signals for her to relax. She opens the door, and he offers her water while she washes her face. Despite initially refusing, he manages to convince her to indulge in some ice cream which they enjoy together. As they eat, Muskaan happens to pass by and catches sight of them together.


Muskaan scolds Abhimanyu and Akshara. Abhimanyu says Abhir is scared, can I stay here until his exams? Manish says yes. Abhinav’s picture falls.


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