Shiv Shakti (Zee) 26th July 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Ragunath almost slaps Shiv, but stops himself and explains that if he were in the wrong, he would allow Shiv to express his anger and harm him. However, he firmly believes that Shiv is at fault here. He requests Shiv to refrain from raising his voice or hand against him because it would only make him take the side of the wrong. Ragunath confronts Shiv, asking how he dares to go against him and threatens not to spare him. Keertan tries to intervene, but Mandira stops him. With a sad expression, Mandira accepts the insult she has endured, stating that Shiv holds more power and it is acceptable. Ragunath insists on punishing Shiv regardless. Mandira urges him to calm down, acknowledging that Shiv made a mistake. She feels helpless in controlling his actions.

Dadi pleads with Gayatri to save Shiv.

Then Ragunath says to Shiv, “Do you think you have more power than Mandira?” He takes a vase and is about to strike Shiv, but Dadi stops him. She takes the vase from him and asks, “How dare you raise your hand against my Shiv?” Do you not know about his condition? She asks the family why no one stopped him, saying, “Don’t you dare cross a line with your mother, if your son respects you, I better expect a return the same from you.”

According to Mandira, Ragunath became angry about the scholarship issue. Padma couldn’t see my insult and told Ragunath everything. Shiv is like my son, so I felt bad when he attacked me, but I did not complain. Ragunath is told to calm down and go to his room. He starts leaning, Mandira feels his ears and says that girl is very smart, she must have fooled Shiv into signing the form. Shiv says I chose her wisely, not a fool.

I’m sure she’ll become a very good doctor one day and she’s the most deserving candidate. Ragunath shouts that he’s still talking, I won’t spare him. Shiv says stop there before he hits him. You may shout all you want, but the truth is that Shakti is more deserving of the scholarship than anyone else.

Shiv promises to fulfill her dreams and says it felt like it was a big moment for him too. I have to rectify this and call Shiv. Shakti feels restless and says what if Shiv is not well? I should have controlled myself.

The groom’s family is asked if they agree with Manorama’s proposal for Rimjhim. They discuss, but decide to take a day to decide.

Ragunath tells Shiv to be quiet. Shiv insists that his opinion is accurate, stating that Shakti was the most capable candidate. He asserts that unlike Ragunath, Chacha, and Mandira who are not doctors, he is one and therefore knows who should have been chosen. When Ragunath questions if Shiv believes he is the superior doctor, Shiv confidently responds in the affirmative. He mentions that a simple internet search would reveal his name as the top neurosurgeon. Turning to Mandira, Shiv expresses his belief that Nidhi did not deserve the position given her low marks and family connection to a minister. To Ragunath, he reveals that Shakti ranked first in her exams.

Mandira mentioned that Shakti was tardy, stressing the importance of doctors being timely. Shiv countered, emphasizing that a doctor’s proficiency outweighs punctuality. Despite one error, I recognized Shakti’s numerous merits, while you focused on her single misstep. Ragunath is reminded that doctors like Shakti are the reason for people’s trust and admiration in our profession. She has the power to make a positive impact on the world. As for myself, I may not always make wise decisions, but it would be foolish to not acknowledge Shakti’s abilities.

Shakti calls the hospital and asks the receptionist if she can get Shiv’s number? The receptionist says very strange, Dr. Shiv just called before you and wanted your number. Shakti asks if he was angry? She says he never gets angry. So Shakti asks for his number. Since he asked for your number, I will give you his number.

As Shakti writes down the number, the groom appears and scares her, so she drops it. He apologizes that he is unable to say no directly to Manorama, but I will ask my mother to call her tomorrow and say no to her. When Shakti attempts to leave, he holds her hand and asks if she has a boyfriend? Shakti is uncomfortable. Manorama calls Shakti and so he leaves her hand.

Ragunath is told by Mandira’s husband that Shiv is insulting her because of a random girl. Mandira has done so much for this house, Shiv and the hospital. He should be thankful for her, but he insults her. She tells Shiv that I know Nidhi was not deserving of the scholarship but sometimes we have to do things for hospital business. Mandira tells him to calm down.

He apologizes for Shiv, folding his hand, and says you cannot be wrong. Ragunath says you don’t need to provide justification since you cannot be wrong. Shiv shouts no.. running a hospital is not about business, we don’t think about profits, but about saving as many lives as possible. Mandira says please don’t do that. Ragunath says Shiv can’t even handle himself, so he won’t know about business.

I saw that guy holding your hand and I don’t doubt you at all. Manorama asks Shakti what she wants to do? You remember what happened before as well. These groom families keep looking around for better deals and you are a better deal. I know you love Rimjhim a lot and I understand you better than your mother would. Shakti smiles. It’s your duty to marry Rimjhim. Manorama says we’ve done a lot for you.

What makes Rajnath think Shiv has a higher position in the trust than Mandira? Shiv says exactly that. He is the main member of the trust, and everyone is surprised to see him standing up. He has a better position than not only Mandira, but everyone else as well.

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