Shiv Shakti (Zee) 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Mandira’s Scheme and a Shocking Proposal

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Upon arriving at Shakti’s home, Mandira hugs her and whispers that you will lose today. Shakti whispers that only evil loses on Diwali. Manorama welcomes everyone.

The family gathers together, as Dadi suggests, starting with the critical matter. Shakti suggests taking a break for some refreshments before discussing further. Dadi then turns to Manorama and expresses their admiration for her daughter. Rimjhim overhears and beams with joy. Manorama reassures them that their only desire is for their daughters to marry into respectable families. Dadi whispers to Padma, noting Rimjhim’s blushing demeanor. She then turns to Chacha and inquires if he has any questions. However, Shakti proposes delaying the conversation to a later time. Dadi insists on continuing, promising not to leave until it is resolved. Padma questions Dadi about Shakti’s behavior, but Dadi speculates that she may be feeling bashful.

She tells Manorama that she is lucky to have your daughter. Dadi says that she is sensible and loving. Dharam says that cannot be Rimjhim. Rimjhim serves them tea. Dadi says she serves nicely. Padma invites Shakti to sit with them. Mandira changes the topic and asks if she can have tea without sugar. Rimjhim prepares it. Shakti wonders why Ranjan isn’t here. She leaves.

When Shakti calls Ranjan, he does not pick up. Mandira comes over and says he won’t be there. Shakti is shocked at hearing that. Mandira asks: Did you think I wouldn’t find out about the meeting with Ranjan? Shakti says I trust his wife. Mandira laughs and says you shouldn’t trust others. She would take her husband’s side over you. Ranjan and his family must have left the city by now. Shakti says no. Mandira says, “We should start my plan now.

She returns to her family. Dadi tells Manorama that we are lucky to have this proposal if they accept their wedding proposal. Manorama says we are lucky. As Dadi says that’s good, she pulls out her bangles and asks Mandira to give them to her future daughter-in-law.

As Mandira smirked at Shakti, she crossed Rimjhim and gave them to her. Everyone is confused. Dadi says your Shakti is ours now. Rimjhim is hurt to hear that. Mandira says my son is yours now. Dadi hugs Shakti and says we’re so happy today. Rimjhim goes with Manorama from there. Shakti goes to get water for Dadi because she coughs.

You will still call Shakti my sister, Rimjhim tells Manorama. She wants Keertan now. Chacha asks what’s up? Rimjhim says she’s jealous of me. Manorama says there must be a misunderstanding. I know she is doing this because she couldn’t get Shiv, so she tried to trap Keertan. She is like that. Manorama slaps her and shouts at her to stop talking.


Shiv asks Mandira why she lied about the marriage proposal. Everyone questions her. Shakti tells Mandira that during the Diwali celebration, everyone will know the truth.

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