Shiv Shakti (Zee) 12th September 2023 Written Episode: Shakti and Shiv’s Complicated Friendship

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She tells Shakti that Shiv has moved on from friendship to love, and they are both at that stage. His look is more than just a friendly one; I warn you to stay away from him to ensure your future is bright. Hearing all of that makes Shakti dizzy. Manorama worries about her and urges her to calm down, and you haven’t eaten anything. She asks Rimjhim to break her fast with Ranjan’s hand.

As Mandira tends to Keertan’s face, she expresses anger towards him. Keertan explains that while talking to Rimjhim, Shakti appeared and hit him, leaving him helpless due to the surrounding crowd. Curious, Mandira inquires about what Rimjhim said. Keertan admits he is unsure but remembers something about his mistakes and being late. When asked when he had encountered her, Keertan shares all the details with her. Mandira then asks for his opinion of Rimjhim, to which he responds with disdainful words such as “cheap,” “senseless,” and “classless.” Feeling fueled by this new information, Mandira suggests targeting Shakti for revenge. She vows to make her pay for everything she has done.

Chacha informs Manorama that he cannot locate Ranjan and his family, as he must attend the pooja and leave. Manorama notes that Ranjan did not break Rimjhim’s fast before leaving, which is considered a bad omen. Shakti suggests that perhaps Ranjan was afraid of Shiv and left. She tells Shakti to be quiet and sets off to find him. However, the priest then brings up that it is not auspicious to leave the pooja unfinished, and no one has taken prasad yet. Shakti decides to take the prasad from the priest and deliver it to Manorama herself. The priest adds that Shiv also did not take Prasad even though he completed the pooja, but Shakti speculates that he may have left because of her. She collects his prasad and remarks on how she keeps being brought back to him by some unknown force. Feeling lightheaded, she attempts to leave.

Shiv is locked in his room, and Dadi has inquired about the situation. Nandu explains that Shakti rejected Shiv’s offer of friendship, causing him to become angry. Shiv expresses his distress over Shakti’s comment about dying by throwing objects around the room. Nandu suggests that Shiv may be experiencing a panic attack and wonders who can help him. Shakti arrives with Prasad, and Dadi quietly assures her that she can make Shiv feel better. After receiving a blessing from Dadi, Shakti explains that she came to bring Prasad for Shiv but needs assistance convincing him to open the door as he has locked himself inside. Nandu adds that they also need to give Shiv medication for his headache. He kindly asks Shakti to request that Shiv opens the door.

Shiv is lying on the floor when Shakti knocks on the door and calls out to him. Surprised, Shiv quickly tidied himself up before opening the door and beaming at her. They exchange a long gaze before he invites her in. Unbeknownst to them, Dadi and others secretly watch from afar with Gayatri smiling at their encounter. As they are left alone, Shiv confidently states that he knew she would come to him and that must become his friend. Remembering Manorama’s words about their love for each other, Shakti agrees, saying she had no choice but to come. However, instead of taking his hand for friendship as he offers, she gives him Prasad and explains that she only came to give it to him. Confused, Shiv asks why she can’t just become his friend then.

Shakti questions, “Why are you so stubborn? I’ve already made it clear that I don’t want to be friends with you.” To which Shiv responds, “You’re just as stubborn. Why can’t we be friends? If not, then..” Interrupting him, Shakti finishes the thought by saying, “You’ll lock yourself in your room and worry Dadi and Gayatri? You need to move on and take care of yourself.” Shiv retorts, “Why are you lecturing me like a mother? All I’m asking for is friendship.” Sensing the conversation ending, Shakti states that she has to leave. As she starts walking away, she suddenly feels dizzy. Concerned, Shiv rushes to her aid and asks if she’s okay. Opening her eyes, Shakti finds herself in his arms. Gently touching her face, Shiv asks again why she can’t be his friend. Slowly regaining her strength, Shakti apologizes for fainting and explains that she was fasting.

Shiv assists Shakti onto the bed, concerned that her sugar levels may be low. Offering her a glass of water, he breaks her fast with his hand before she can object. Remembering Manorama’s advice to fast to find a dream partner, Shakti gazes at Shiv affectionately. He lovingly feeds her prasad and checks her pulse. Despite his reassurance that she can rest, Shakti insists on leaving for her family’s function organized by Radha Didi. Mandira overhears their conversation and questions whether it could be the same Radha who was mentioned – but dismisses the thought as unlikely.

Shiv expresses frustration to Dadi that Shakti has not accepted their friendship despite being in the exact location. Dadi reassures Shiv, saying he shouldn’t just focus on her words but also pay attention to her actions and gestures. She reminds him that Shakti came all the way to give him prasad, show concern for him, and prevent him from committing wrongdoings – which is what true friendship entails. Shiv acknowledges this but admits that she hasn’t formally accepted their friendship. Dadi explains that girls can be hesitant in such matters and that it takes a persistent effort to win their trust. Shiv wonders how he can prove himself as a friend, especially since Shakti will soon be leaving for an event in another city.

Dadi advises Shiv to go after her and bring her back. With a smile on his face, Shiv agrees and promises to make her his friend. He affectionately embraces Dadi before leaving. Spotting Shiv exiting, Mandira inquires about his destination. He responds that he is off to Vrindavan for a worthwhile cause. Dadi expresses concern about him going alone, mainly because he hasn’t left the city since the incident. However, she reassures herself that this trip may help him move forward in life. She reveals that he plans to meet Shakti while in Vrindavan. Upon hearing this, Mandira becomes apprehensive and wonders if this Shakti is the same person they know. Determined to prevent any reunion between Radha and Shiv, Mandira decides to travel to Vrindavan herself.

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