Pandya Store 29th September 2023 Written Episode: Amba’s Drama and Natasha’s Surprise News!

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Natasha confides in Suman about everything. Dhawal suggests they buy new clothes and change, which they do while holding hands. Suman expresses her gratitude to God and leaves. Meanwhile, Amrish retrieves the papers and prepares them for signing. Amba frets over potential complications and is interrupted by Chabeli, who prompts her to get some juice. Hetal confesses that she got hurt from a bathroom slip-up, prompting Amba to caution her to be more careful. As she cleans up the ghee spilled by Hetal, Amba contemplates the consequences if she had slipped instead. Chabeli reassures her there was no ghee spillage, but Amba insists on checking and even considers calling Dhawal for help. In the meantime, Dhawal and Natasha finish getting dressed with difficulty due to Natasha’s blouse strings, prompting Dhawal to offer assistance while romantic music plays in the background.

She feels cold. He hugs her. She thinks he doesn’t understand romance. Amba acts as she falls. She shouts. Amrish and Hetal come. All come. Hetal, you dropped the ghee. Amrish asks Amba to call the doctor. Amba says Yamraj is coming to take me. Who are you… you all. I am your son, Amrish, she says. She doesn’t understand anything, Hetal doesn’t worry, no one will tell her, she didn’t drop the ghee on purpose. Amrish becomes angry.

“Hetal is baffled by the situation, and Amba insists on reunited with her children. She requests for Dhawal to be contacted. Dhawal apologizes for his negligence towards her kidney, and Natasha chimes in, teasing him about always having issues with his kidneys. He expresses concern for her well-being and embraces her. Amrish assures Amba that Dhawal will visit the following day, but she dismisses his offer. Hetal tries to defend her actions, but Amrish reprimands her, reminding her of his efforts to care for Amba.”

Chirag urgently contacts Dhawal, reporting that their mother has fallen, and asks him to come home quickly. Dhawal acknowledges and assures that he will be there soon. Chirag updates that Dhawal is on his way. Inquisitive Natasha inquires about the situation, to which Dhawal responds with uncertainty, mentioning their mother’s fall. Meanwhile, Chiku expresses frustration and reminisces about Suman. He ponders over why he saved her, bringing up images of Dhara. Amba greets happily as she sees both Dhawal and Natasha arriving. She puts on a show, saying she feels much better now. Amrish explains how they were worried after the doctor’s diagnosis. Still, Amba reassures them by mentioning a personal struggle (that) she has faced in the past with Amrish taking on the responsibility of their house due to a difficult time when her father had left them.

Amrish confirms everything is fine, while Hetal offers to serve breakfast. Amba then asks Dhawal and Natasha to change and join them. The couple quickly follows her instructions. Chiku expresses his inability to find peace due to the Pandyas, whom he will never forgive. As Natasha joins them, Amba compliments her and inquires about the puja. Natasha assures her it went well but starts feeling nauseous. Hetal suspects something is wrong and decides to check on her with a smile on her face. This worries Amba, who also shows concern for Natasha’s well-being. Hetal reveals that Natasha is pregnant, leaving Amba wondering how she will manage the situation now.


You broke my trust, and this marriage was your plan. Go to hell, and I’ll see how your mall is built. Dhawal says listen to me once. Natasha says go to hell, and I’ll see how your mall is built.

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