Shiv Shakti (Zee) 2nd October 2023 Written Episode: Shiv’s Mysterious Disappearance Revealed

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 2nd October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Mandira queries Keertan about the whereabouts of the box. Upon turning, he notices it has disappeared. Panic sets in as she frantically scans the area. She mentally notes that she must locate it before anyone sees it. Manorama, frustrated over the power outage, addresses the guests and assures them that efforts are being made to fix it. She then instructs Rimjhim to retreat to her room. As Rimjhim makes her way there, she unexpectedly collides with Keertan. Her attempt to console him is interrupted by Manorama’s arrival, who questions her actions and leads her away. Mandira witnesses this encounter and becomes even more anxious about the box’s safety, fearing the consequences of failure in destroying Shiv.

Shakti arrives and inquires, “Did she say you intend to harm Shiv?” Mandira denies it, stating that Shakti misheard her. Curious about Shiv’s whereabouts, Shakti asks for his location, expressing concerns about Mandira’s destructive nature. She questions if Mandira truly intended to harm Shiv. In response, Mandira insists that she never hurt him as she sees him as a son. Shakti accuses Mandira of pretending and demands to know where Shiv is. Frustrated, Mandira leaves without answering. Meanwhile, Shakti prays for Shiv’s well-being.

On a carpet, Ranjan and his men carry Shiv’s body outside, then he says, “Now Shakti will be mine.” Mandira watches for Shiv and Ranjan. She wonders if Shakti is right and Shiv is in danger because of Ranjan. After beating up the body on the carpet, Ranjan says, “It’s time for my revenge.” Manorama scolds Rimjhim for showing concern for Keertan, reminding Rimjhim to forget him.

Despite telling Keertan to keep an eye on the box, Mandira says you are useless. He asks her to relax and says he will find the box. Mandira says I told you to watch it. He goes looking for it. Mandira says no one else can see it. Padma hides and has it. She says Mandira will be exposed now; this box must have something big, and I must open it to reveal her.

Mandira hears Ranjan beating up a man badly and goes to look. Padma takes out the box and is about to open it when a guest comes and talks to her. She takes the box from there. Shiv is praying for Shakti. She smiles at him. Ranjan beats the man up on the carpet and brings the body out, only to see it’s his brother-in-law. In pain, he cries.

Then Ranjan panics and says, “I thought it was Shiv.” He says I drank Shiv’s juice.” Ranjan shouts at him that he is useless, and I would have punched Shiv by now. Mandira slaps him hard. She shouts, “How dare you think of harming Shiv? I’ll put you both in place and if Shiv gets hurt because of you, I won’t spare you.” Ranjan watches. Keertan leaves from there. Ranjan says she shouldn’t have slapped me. I’ll kill Shiv now, he says.

In response to Shakti’s question, Shiv says, “I was fixing the light.” She says, “I got scared because I didn’t see you.” He apologizes for leaving her alone and promises never to leave her alone again. They both smile at each other. The fairy lights fall on them, and they stare at each other. She is shocked to find out what is inside the box. She says it will destroy Shiv. I have to take it out.


Shiv says to Shakti, I’ll bring Ranjan in front of Papa and Chachu, and you’ll bring Chachiji, and when he’s got in front of Papa and Chachu, we’ll know why he was scared, and his truth will emerge. Shiv asks Papa and Chachu if they recognize Ranjan. Mandira is terrified by everything he sees.

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