Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th December 2023 Written Episode: New Beginnings and Unforeseen Challenges

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The Episode begins with Vidya performing the aarti and tilak for Rohit and Ruhi. She then sets down the Kalash, and Ruhi stumbles upon seeing Armaan’s picture. Rohit warmly welcomes Mrs. Ruhi Rohit Poddar. Concerned, Dadi asks if Ruhi is okay, and she replies that she slipped. Manisha points out that the Kalash has fallen upside down. Rohit dismisses it as a minor mistake, but Dadi insists that the Poddar daughters-in-law cannot make mistakes. Vidya suggests that perhaps the heavy bridal lehenga is to blame for the mishap, but Dadi declares it a bad omen since the rice did not fall from the Kalash and their gathbandhan broke.

Manisha announces a puja to counter the bad omen and indulge in positive rituals. Dadi reacts with frustration, but Vidya tries to soothe her. Ruhi catches sight of Armaan’s photograph, and Abhira performs the last rites for Akshara. As Armaan and Kipling look on, they both reminisce about their beloved Akshara. In that moment of grief, Akshara appears before them. Armaan expresses his belief in her presence and shares an emotional embrace. Akshara reminds Armaan and Abhira of their cherished memories, grateful for being blessed with such a loving family. She encourages them to mourn today but find happiness again tomorrow. Overcome with emotion, Abhira cries out for her mother while Akshara assures her that she will always hold a special place in her heart.

Abhira pleads for him to stay, but Armaan remains at a distance. The Pandit then instructs her to light the pyre, and Armaan rushes to her side. As she becomes overwhelmed and dizzy, he catches her, and she immediately pushes him away, shouting for him to stay away. Kajal jokes about how early their daughters-in-law wake up, prompting Manish to suggest allowing them to sleep earlier. Vidya brings up the custom of passing down ancestral jewelry to bahu’s, mentioning how she received a necklace and Manish a nose pin. She adds that they are always free for anyone to borrow. Vidya says their daughter Ruhi will inherit these bangles since they have two sons – one being responsible like Armaan and the other being quite naughty like Rohit. Kajal interjects with playful humor while Vidya explains how men thrive when allowed freedom within certain limits before apologizing for getting carried away with the topic in front of her mother-in-law. Finally, Vidya expresses the belief that a wife has the power to inspire responsibility in a man.

Ruhi is adorned with bangles by Kajal, who then inquires about her appearance. Dadi expresses her joy and bestows blessings upon Ruhi, stating that she will be a role model for others. The impending arrival of Armaan’s wife is also mentioned, with hopes that she will bring progress to the family. This wife-to-be is described as simple and obedient. At the mention of Armaan’s future wife, Ruhi becomes anxious but denies it when called out by Dadi. Vidya questions why Ruhi would be afraid, reminding her that daughters-in-law do not compete with one another. However, Dadi interjects and explains that daughters-in-law are often compared in this household and cannot be on equal footing. She urges Ruhi to strive for the title of the top bahu. As their visit ends, Kajal suggests they leave while Manisha wishes Ruhi luck before departing.

Armaan empathizes with Abhira’s situation. She questions how he can understand, being older and having both parents alive. Armaan assures her that he is not giving fake sympathy, as he, too, has faced loss with his absent father and mother leaving him. He understands that she may feel alone, but he wants to fulfill his promise to Akshara by caring for her. Abhira blames him for her mother’s death and asks him to leave her alone. She doubts their marriage, but Armaan agrees that he also doesn’t foresee this union. However, he is determined to protect her as Akshara wished and urges her to become independent and pursue her late mother’s dreams before parting ways with him. He acknowledges she is not a helpless girl needing protection and reveals that Yuvraj doesn’t scare him either. He respects her decision if she chooses to go her separate ways.

As Yuvraj and his companions approach, he exclaims for Abhira. She clutches the urn while Armaan sweeps her away. The vessel topples to the ground as she pleads to be released, referring to it as a “Kalash.” Taking hold of her, Armaan promises to fulfill Akshara’s final wish and safeguard Abhira. After retrieving the Kalash while hidden, he watches Yuvraj’s unsuccessful search. With a parting remark that he will see her soon, Yuvraj exits. As Armaan informs her of Yuvraj’s determination and Akshara’s desire for her to live with honor, he implores Abhira to consider accompanying him. Agreeing under specific terms, Abhira proposes their relationship only exists on paper until after her exams when they will go separate ways. Accepting the arrangement with a handshake, Armaan reiterates his vow to never pursue marriage with her.


Rohit and Ruhi come home. Armaan brings Abhira home. He says she is the bahu of this house. Everyone is shocked.

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