Faltu 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

In the episode, Bua takes care of Faltu. Ayaan is only concerned with his father and family’s happiness and dreams. He has taken a risk by hiding you from his family, which means he values you and your dreams, which means he wants to fulfill your dreams, perhaps because his dream is still incomplete. Incomplete dream, what dream, Faltu asks.

Ayaan wants you to play cricket, make your parents and country’s name shine, Bua says I’ll tell it another day, Ayaan also dreams of you succeeding, forget about Pappi, focus on your health and your game, don’t talk about leaving the house again, and take care. She leaves. Faltu thinks of Ayaan. Alok calls the doctor. Bua hears Ayaan’s call. She tells him about Faltu’s fever. He says don’t worry, I’m going to be there.

Ayaan’s journey was disrupted by Pappi and his henchmen; they began to joke around before the brawl erupted. Ayaan held Ratan’s collar while Pappi struck him on the head from behind. Faltu woke up and expressed his fear that Pappi would kill Ayaan; Bua reassured him saying it was just a nightmare and nothing would happen to Ayaan. Janardhan asked where he was going, but when he heard about his office work and marriage, he assumed it must be a lot of pressure for Ayaan, which Ayaan insisted it wasn’t.

I want you to be at home until your wedding in 7 days, Janardhan says. Sid smiles. Janardhan says Sid will handle the office work. Sumitra taunts Ayaan.

Harsh asks Ayaan to enjoy when he has the time. Govind says I look the youngest. Harsh jokes on him. Kinshuk says dad is right, you didn’t take a break till now. Ayesha tells Ayaan to enjoy the moment. Sumitra asks what happened today, does Sid not make you trust him anymore?

Ayaan says it’s nothing like that, I’m sure he can handle the business well. Sid says I’m always willing to do anything to make my elder brother happy. Janardhan asks if you want to speak. Then Janardhan says Ayaan won’t leave the house, Sid will take care of it. Govind says perfect. Ayaan decides to help Faltu now. Janardhan asks okay? Ayaan replies yes, dad. Janardhan smiles.

Sid says Dadi is happy seeing Bua. Janardhan asks what you mean. Sid says Bua is an imp in Ayaan’s life. Janardhan stops him. He asks Govind to send Dadi and Sid to Mrijula’s house with an official invite, it’s her choice whether she comes or not, so don’t expect anything more from me. Sid thanks her. Dadi says I didn’t know you could be so sensible, Sid loves Ayaan a lot. Doorbell rings. Faltu panics and says save Ayaan or Pappi will kill him.

The door is checked by Alok. Dr. Shweta comes and says Ayaan has sent me here. Sumitra asks Sid what he plans. Sid tells her not to stress, so she leaves. Sid says I’ll let everyone know about that girl and Ayaan and Faltu’s eloping story. Doctor checks Faltu and treats her. Bua receives Ayaan’s call and asks about her condition. Bua says the doctor gave antibiotics, thanks for sending the doctor.

From here, that’s all I can do. She says Faltu was scared of Pappi and saying he would come, so I think she is afraid of him, however, don’t be worried. Ayaan remembers Janardhan’s words. He says I can go out for personal work. Sid wonders how to take everyone to Bua’s house. Badimaa asks for Ayaan. He says he didn’t see. She asks for Ayaan. Suhana and everyone say we didn’t see him.

Everyone thinks and guesses. Badimaa says I’m worried. Suhana says he would have gone to the gym. Sid says to go to Bua’s house. Chachi says Kinshuk, Ayesha and I will stay at home. Dadi says we should all go. Sumitra asks why are you taking everyone. Sid says we need to start our plan. He thinks Ayaan will be there with Faltu. Ayaan is at Bua’s house right now.

As Alok asks about Pappi, Ayaan says Faltu can’t be hurt. Bua says finding our house will not be easy. Ayaan says yes, I won’t leave him if he comes. You are worried about the girl with whom you have no relationship, so why did you go against your father? According to him, Faltu’s talent, passion, and game remind me of myself, so I respect her talent, I will support her.

The precap:

Faltu is around, Sid says. Ayaan hides Faltu.

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