Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update


Despite the fact that Sudha’s poverty prevented her from meeting her sister, Santosh emotionally blackmails her and says she can tolerate her sister despite being arrogant and egotistic but not greedy. Since they are the children of the same mother, money can never separate them. Santosh continues to emotionally trap her.

Seerat gets a message from Garry saying he will call her soon. Jasleen admonishes Prabjot for his lateness, as Manveer is always punctual and had already left with Jaspal and Gurleen to her house. Prabjot replies that they should wait until Angad arrives. At that moment, Angad steps in looking smart; Prabjot compliments him on his style, saying it must be from his mother. The puppet maid echoes Jasleen’s thoughts; she comments on how only Angad and Manveer are praised at Seerat’s house, whilst she, Garry and Kaira maintain their class there. This makes Jasleen feel quite flattered.

Sudha promises Santosh not to let money come between them and cries that their father got them married in similar families, but Sudha’s husband changed himself while Ajith did not due to his loyalty and ego. When Sahiba doesn’t work even for one day, they can’t have a proper meal, etc. She describes poverty destroying her life.

In pity for her, Sudha asks what she really wants. As Santosh informs her of Seerat’s alliance with Angad Brar, she says she spent her life in poverty and cannot see her children in poverty, so she wants Seerat’s wedding to take place at Sudha’s house rather than hers that is broken.

Angad asks who Garry is talking with. Garry lies to a client and asks him not to worry about the event and to visit Seerat’s house and fix his alliance with her. Angad leaves.

The beautiful scene Garry has never seen in his life and he will never see one in the future. While Seerat is impressed, disappointed, and reminded his family is coming home with Angad’s alliance, he says he is right and continues luring her in. As Seerat thinks Santosh and Sudha will handle the situation, she cannot miss such a good opportunity.

Using some truth and some lies, Santosh emotionally traps Sudha and convinces her to allow Seerat’s marriage at her house, claiming it is Santosh’s residence. As soon as Seerat hears their conversation, she thinks Santosh will break her down with a slap if she tells him about Garry, so she better flee.

Ajith asks Santosh to call Seerat. Santosh and Ajith go to Seerat’s room, but see that she is missing. She calls Sahiba and asks if she came there. Sahiba says no. Kulcha asks if Seerat eloped.

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