Faltu 30th December 2022 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu recalls how she left Ayaan and went away. She says if you know I have lost my sight, you won’t leave me alone. If you knew this, you would have forgotten the marriage and Tanisha, I can’t see that, you did lots for me, I can’t let my life’s darkness into yours, I will go very far from you.

Janardhan says thanks for making me feel proud. Ayaan and Tanisha sit in the mandap. Tanisha says this is so exciting. Pandit asks Kanika to perform the kanyadaan. Tanisha gives Ayaan her hand. Faltu is still in the jungle. Kanika does the gathbandhan. Ayaan and Tanisha take the wedding rounds. Ayaan goes ahead. Kanika prevents a break in the gathbandhan.

Harsh says the rounds are complete. Faltu says she lost her eyesight, how can I save myself from Pappi now? She worries. Ayaan is lost and moves forward. He tells Ayaan to take sindoor and fill Tanisha’s maang. Dadi and Savita ask him not to keep them waiting. Ayaan recalls Faltu. Tanisha asks what happened. He replies Faltu.

Tanisha asks Ayaan what he’s thinking. Ayaan thinks of Faltu. She asks him to react, to say something. He says nothing. He takes sindoor. He stops and thinks of Faltu. Tanisha says everyone is waiting for Ayaan to apply the sindoor. Kanika says he is still thinking of Faltu, right, even when he is here. Savita says don’t talk like this. Tanisha says yes, we should understand what he is going through. He says you are risking your marriage for Faltu, but I don’t think she has gone with Pappi by her wish, I’m sure Pappi might have given you some greed, so she fled with Pappi.

Kanika says I told you he is sitting with my daughter in the mandap, but he is defending Faltu. We won’t argue about that girl, Kanika please. He asks Ayaan to complete the sindoor rasam. Ayaan says sure. Tanisha says Faltu will be fine. Ayaan fills the sindoor. Everyone applauds. It takes Faltu some time to get to a truck. The driver sees her and says there’s a girl there. However, the other man doesn’t believe him. He says you’ll have to help me with my sister’s wedding. She hears them and thinks they look decent people, and they can take me to the hospital if I need their help.

She goes to them. Bua asks Ayaan why he married Tanisha when he worries about Faltu so much. Ayaan stops her. Dadi asks if you are okay. Bua says he is hurt but doesn’t want treatment. Dadi says otherwise. Bua says I told him the same thing. She says she knows you aren’t happy with the marriage. Dadi says you got married to your childhood friend. Harsh says I couldn’t find Faltu anywhere, the police think she has gone with Pappi.

Faltu asks the truck drivers to help her. They offer her water. They ask can’t you see, how did you come here. She asks them to call her father. Ayaan says I will find Faltu. Harsh asks him to sit. He says don’t worry, I’m here, we’ll find Faltu. Ayaan says I feel she has hidden herself and I will find her. He cries and says we have let Charan down, I had promised him, what will I say to him now? Dadi asks her not to go anywhere, Kanika will get upset.


In Faltu’s eyes, I didn’t think I’d have Ayaan’s sindoor. Ayaan sees her with sindoor and asks why she married Pappi. He scolds her and says, “I hate you.” She replies, “I wish I could tell you how helpless I am.”.

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