Faltu 24th December 2022 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

She says I can’t burden someone. Charan says I was at peace when you were there. Jamuna asks her to come back home. Pappi says she has been on call for a long time. Faltu says I have a Kaki, and she treats me well, so I will stay with Kaki tonight. She sends Kaki to speak to Charan.

Faltu says you don’t worry, otherwise, how will I focus on the trial match. Charan agrees. He asks Jamuna to pack his bags, he will go to Faltu. Pratap insists he will come, too.

Everyone is getting ready for the wedding. Dadi sees the baraat. She says we should dance. Tanisha looks stunning as the bride. Kanika cries. Tanisha asks her not to cry. Kanika compliments her. They hug. Janardhan also hugs Ayaan. Faltu practices the game. Ayaan’s aide keeps an eye on her. She says I need to get selected in the top 16.

As Janardhan dances with everyone, they get happy. Sid waits for Pappi’s message. He calls Pappi and asks him to kidnap Faltu. Pappi says he will do what he can.

The marriage will end in a joke, Sid says. Ayaan recalls Bua’s words. Kanika looks at him. Pappi finds a way out. He goes to the girls and gets scolded by them. He says I will offer you money if you kidnap a girl. She is my future wife, her father sent me to get her. The girls get angry.

They ask for 20000rs. He thinks how will I get this amount? Sid will come to the rescue. He tells the plan. They see Faltu. Kanika pulls Ayaan’s nose. She says you should take care of her.

Janardhan asks Ayaan to touch Kanika’s feet. Ayaan checks his phone. Savita says you will get your phone after marriage. The girls go to fool Faltu by offering work to earn money. Faltu tells Kaki about the work. Ayaan sits in the mandap. Tanisha comes there. Everyone smiles. Faltu is taken to the car by the girls. Ayaan’s aide searches for her.

Ayaan and Tanisha take the garlands. They have fun. Faltu refuses to leave. She asks the girls to leave. However, the girls take her forcibly. Faltu pushes them all. Pappi catches Faltu. She is shocked.

The precap:

Ayaan says Pappi will forcibly marry Faltu, and if anything happens to Faltu, then I will be unable to see my own face. Janardhan asks why her name is taken in this house.

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