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Sid and Sumitra engage in conversation, unaware that Faltu is secretly listening. Sid expresses, “Nobody seems willing to forgive Tanu, so we’re considering leaving.” Sumitra responds, “We should talk to Faltu. She will understand, and if she witnesses our remorse for our past actions, she will assist us.”

“She won’t help,” Sid remarks. Sumitra counters, “If you leave, you can’t come back.” Just then, Faltu enters the room and asserts, “She’s right. You don’t have to leave. I will speak to Janardhan. I cannot allow the family to fall apart.” Sumitra smiles in response. Meanwhile, Ruhaan asks Tanu if she seeks revenge for Kanika’s arrest. Tanu replies affirmatively, stating, “Yes, for Ayaan and Faltu as well, and Shanaya, how is she doing?”

Apparently, she’s not well, and I’m sending her to rehab. She says we should join hands. They shake hands. He asks what the plan is. She says we will prove to Ayaan that Faltu and you have an affair. She explains the plan to him. We will build such a wall between them that they will never unite, they are having a party at home, so we will attack them and make this party the last one.

A morning comes, and Janardhan gets ready. Faltu asks him to slow down, saying you’re showing excitement about going to work. He says he’s going after a long time. She gets his medicines. She asks him to go after a few days. He says I’ll get better after going to Ruhaan. She asks him if he knows Ruhaan.

He says no. Ayaan comes and hears them. Janardhan says he knows you love cricket a lot, should I talk to the academy head? He says right, I’ll speak to Ayesha’s dad. She says no, Ayaan is more important to me than cricket, can we call Ayesha home, everything’s going back to normal.

“Furthermore, I implore you not to become upset. We should contemplate forgiving Tanu and Sid,” a voice proposes. “Tanu played a crucial role in saving Dadi’s life, and she is sincerely endeavouring to change her ways. We should grant her our forgiveness. The party is approaching, and it’s essential for the family to be united.” Janardhan responds, stating that he will contemplate the matter and inform them of his decision later.

I have to be with my family today and plan for the party, Ayaan says. Janardhan says Faltu should look the best at the party. Faltu says it’s okay. Ayaan acquiesces, stating, “Alright, I have no issue with it. Inform her to come downstairs within 10 minutes.” He departs from the scene. Janardhan reassures, “Everything will be alright. You told a lie, and you know he detests falsehoods. Give him some time; you are aware of his anger.” Janardhan then takes his leave.

Faltu says I’m annoyed with Ayaan, so I won’t go anywhere. Tanu hides from her. Faltu says Tanu applies such perfume. Kinshuk comes and asks Faltu to come, Ayaan is waiting for her. He asks her not to fight and come. She refuses. She is taken by him. Tanu leaves. We have to do something to separate Ayaan and Faltu, she says to Ruhaan. He says I hate them more. Faltu and everyone checks the clothes. She says we will take this saree for Ayesha.

Kinshuk inquires, “Why won’t she come?” She responds, saying, “I talked to Dad, and Ayesha will be coming. The whole family will be together. I asked Dad to forgive Sid and Tanu. We’ll even buy clothes for them, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate.” Ayaan suggests, “Buy something for yourself too.”

They leave. Faltu refuses to take the saree. She leaves. Ayaan goes after her and asks why she didn’t take it. She says she doesn’t like it. They argue. She leaves. He gets sad.


Ayaan declares his readiness, saying, “I’m prepared. You can ask Faltu.” Janardhan urges Ayaan to resolve their conflicts and present themselves as a strong couple at the party.

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