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Faltu Episode Update

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In the first episode, Faltu asks if you are threatening me. He says no, ask your family to leave, it’s also part of the deal. She says don’t punish my family. He says I’m a businessman, so I see my profit and loss, take my time, and think, tell me tomorrow. Faltu leaves. Everyone looks for him.

In response to Shanaya’s question, she’s not at home, I fell asleep, and I don’t know where she went. I’ll ask Ruhaan to look for her. It’s not necessary to involve an outsider in our family affairs, says Savita. Janardhan says I can’t rest with Faltu missing. Sumitra says there’s something wrong, as I told you.

Ayaan calls Savita and asks where Faltu is. She replies that your phone has been ringing for quite some time. Everyone worries about Faltu. She says she isn’t at home; she never behaves in such a way. Ayaan says she won’t take my call after I spoke to her once.

Ayaan asks where you were, Faltu, I was so tense when he returns home. Shanaya says thank God, you have come. Faltu lies to him. She stated, “I met up with my friends.” Janardhan remarked, “As our daughter-in-law, you shouldn’t be going out at night.” Sumitra countered, “She’s lying.” Sid requested her to remain silent.

Ayaan says I sent the money to Dad through them. Faltu says he really did. She asks why I would lie, I have some money with me. Savita says she’s right, she’s home, relax, Ayaan. Savita expresses, “You should have informed me about the financial matter.” Faltu responds, “No, we already have numerous things to deal with.”

Upon spotting the necklace, Ruhaan declares, “This is my promise; Faltu will wear it. I dislike accepting anyone’s refusals.”. Tanu hears Shanaya and Faltu talking. Shanaya says you went to meet Ruhaan, I know it, Daima called and told me, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Faltu tells Shanaya not to talk aloud. Tanu asks what she means by what she says, what’s going on.

She asks about Ruhaan’s necklace when Sumitra arrives. Sumitra says you’re also curious about what they’re talking about. Thank God you’re normal, I thought you’d take Sanyaas. Tanu says that’s wrong, come with me. Shanaya says I chose that necklace for you. Faltu says I refused it.

Faltu says it is wrong to take gift from you and Ruhaan as I am helpless, and therefore, we are using our money and power in this way. Shanaya says you promised to help me, you came to me, so I want my dream to come true. She threatens Faltu.

Faltu sits in tears while Ayaan encounters the company manager. The man reveals, “I had been away in the village for a few days, unaware of everything that transpired. Everyone informed me about Kanika’s wrongful actions.” Ayaan inquires, “What can we do?” The man replies, “We can do a lot. You can regain your house and business. Your company has done so much for me, and now it’s my turn to repay the favour.”

Ayaan says I have tried a lot, but there is no way I can get this business back. The man says there is a way, you can challenge this case in court, and I will prove Kanika sold the business wrongly. Ayaan asks if you have any proof. This file contains proof, the man says.

You can take back the house and business from Ruhaan if you read this file. Ayaan asks why you didn’t come earlier, we have suffered a lot. The man says I was only arranging all these papers.

The man replies, “I will show the papers to my manager.” He says he can come to court and give a statement. Ayaan says he needs to be careful, no one should know about it. The man says not to worry. God has sent Ayaan help. Faltu will go wild with happiness, he says, so I’ll make a strong case first and then tell Faltu Ruhaan must return everything.

The precap:

She accidentally bumps into Shanaya and questions, “If Shanaya is here, then who is using her name?” She catches sight of Faltu.

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