Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2023 Written Update

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Aryan advises Ranbir not to prioritize exaggerated acts of kindness and instead consider what holds greater significance to him: love or friendship. Ranbir responds by stating his love for Prachi. Aryan urges him to take a seat on the wedding altar.

As Aryan mentions that after the marriage, the bride will belong to Ranbir, he requests a two-minute break to ponder. Suddenly, the goons arrive. Ranbir informs Aryan that they are the henchmen of Aaliya Buji who had abducted him. They hide the goons in the cupboard. Ranbir says they should hide Akshay behind the bed. They take Akshay behind the bed. Ashok comes there and calls Akshay.

Aryan kicks the sherwani in the bathroom and asks Ashok how he is. Ashok asks who he is. Aryan speaks in an English accent and says he is Akshay’s friend from London. Afterwards, Ashok asks him to talk in normal language. Aryan says I asked Akshay not to tell you about my engagement as we were children and then grew up, and now I’m attending a wedding. Ashok says I don’t understand. Aryan says your son isn’t foolish. Ashok agrees.

Aryan had the idea of attending the wedding and offering his apologies to him. Ranbir prepares himself in a Sherwani (traditional attire) and wears a Sehra (ornamental veil) before stepping out. Ashok remarks that it’s a good thing he’s wearing the Sehra and invites him to come along. Aryan proposes spending some time with Akshay. Ranbir locks Akshay in the bathroom with the assistance of Aryan.

In the meantime, Aryan shuts the cupboard and goes with Ranbir, who says he is scared of being chori ka dulha, and says if Prachi catches him, then she will yell at him, beat him, and order Akshay to come to the mandap.

It is Aryan who tells Ranbir not to lift his sehra, and that he should keep his body language like Akshay’s. Ranbir responds, “I will inquire whether Akshay ever became a groom of theft.” They begin to walk, but Ranbir accidentally collides with Prachi.

A song plays…tujhe dekhta hun. Prachi says, Ranbir. Dida asks Prachi what Akshay will think and asks her to come to the mandap. Aryan says let’s go. Aryan suggests, “Let’s go.” Ashok arrives at the scene and tells Akshay, “Give these bangles to your aunt (Bua), which I had forgotten, but my friend reminded me.” He questions why Akshay is holding the sehra (bridal veil).

Shahana thinks Ranbir will repent, if he had come, he would have sat with her on the mandap. Dadi believes that Prachi will wear the Kumkum (vermilion) of the person whose name is written in her destiny.

They are asked to place their hands in each other’s. Akshay’s cousin requests Shahana to guide him to the bathroom. She says she will. Aryan follows them. The guy asks if she has a boyfriend. She says no, and then asks if anyone hurt you. As the goons gain consciousness, they are about to emerge, but stop seeing Shahana and the guy. She asks him to go to the washroom inside the room.

In response, Shahana asks the guy to go to the bathroom, and Aryan runs there. He believes he was feeling jealous and decided to follow them.. He thinks once they leave, he will lock the door. She is doubting Akshay. Ranbir says don’t look at me this way and don’t ask me to show my face. He believes Aryan will handle her. Just as Ranbir is about to raise his Sehra (groom’s veil), Akshay’s mother spots the fire and exclaims that the bridal veil, called chunri, is burning. Prachi promptly takes off her chunri and discards it.

A guy picks up Ranbir’s turban and sehra. He is shocked. Prachi and the others haven’t seen his face yet. Ranbir sets off the fire with his feet. Ranbir stumbles, causing his turban and sehra (groom’s veil) to come loose and fall alongside him.

Ashok asks Akshay (Ranbir) to give Vishaka the bangle. Ranbir thinks, who is Vishaka? Akshay’s cousin asks if you’re here, who is sitting on the mandap.


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