Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2023

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

When the goon announces that they are with the police, Ranbir and Prachi assure her that it is not the case. Prachi asks Aaliya to return the child to her. When the family arrives, they all ask Aaliya to return the child, but she refuses. Aaliya asks them if they think she is foolish enough to listen to their false claims since they have already sent her to jail. Aaliya threatens to throw the child into the river.

Prachi and Ranbir slowly start walking towards Aaliya when she keeps taking her steps backwards, Aaliya accidentally throws the child after hitting a rock, the entire family is stunned, Ranbir manages to prevent Prachi from jumping into the river, while Aaliya runs away while Prachi becomes unconscious.


In the middle of Prachi’s unconscious state, Aaryn informs her that the doctor said she’s fine, but that she shouldn’t feel any stress. Rhea tells Ranbir she’s going with the police since a search party has been formed.

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She gets up and tells Ranbir she has to go and find her daughter, but he says she needs to rest and is not well. Prachi questions how he can behave like this because he is also a father, so he should search for their child, but is not doing anything, Ranbir replies even he can blame her because she tried to be over smart and her actions caused this to happen. Ranbir explains that she sent her to jail, Prachi asks how he can say that since she is her mother. He blames her.

Prachi questions why Aaliya asked her to come alone but Ranbir came along with the rest of the family. He explains he just wanted to save his daughter and Prachi sits on the couch, expecting him to bring their daughter back. Ranbir breaks down emotionally but Pallavi angrily exclaims that it is all down to Prachi and that their child is dead. She requests her not to talk like that as their daughter is still alive.

Ranbir angrily tells his one-day-old daughter had fallen from a height he and Prachi would not have survived, accusing her of the tragedy. She begs him to not talk like that; what if it happens again? To which he simply remarked, it will now end between them – she had already signed the divorce papers, after all. Prachi attempted to explain herself yet Ranbir’s words remained firm; all was over between them.

In the meantime, Prachi slowly walks out of the house. Shahana asks Ranbir what is he doing, he scolds her and tells her he can go with Prachi if he wants. Ranbir is heartbroken and sits on the couch.

Upon reaching the bridge, Prachi assures her daughter that she will find her, and she exclaims she will also not be able to survive if she cannot find her daughter. A truck hits Prachi as she is desperately searching in the middle of the road, and she falls into the river. The police inspector tries to save her but is not able to do anything to save her.

In shock, Ranbir throws the phone at them, and they all ask what happened when he tells them she fell in the same river as their daughter, and the inspector said that the body was not moving, so she had died. She tells Ranbir how she feels suffocated here in the house, and Shahana asks if he is happy because his anger caused all this to happen.

As the police try to stop Ranbir, he mentions that Prachi is his wife. The police say they have already called the professional divers, but the water flow is very fast, so the body would have travelled a long way, so Ranbir leaves and blames the police.

During a phone call to Rhea, Pallavi informs her that Prachi has been involved in an accident hearing which Rhea is stunned, asking how it happened. Pallavi replies he does not know anything, just that the Inspector called and told him he saw Prachi on the same bridge as the baby. As Pallavi explains she is extremely scared of Ranbir, Rhia advises her to remain calm, as she was already with the police and will do everything possible to locate him.

While driving, Ranbir thinks about when his daughter was born, when he told Prachi that the child would be the beginning of their family, he is constantly thinking of the entire time he spent with Prachi, he is unable to remember anyone, and he loses concentration and crashes. After seeing Ranbir unconscious in the car, Rhea rushes to try and wake him, but he does not respond.

Dida reveals they have even performed the last rites. Ranbir mentions he wants Prachi, but Pallavi asks for whom he would go. Ranbir once again falls unconscious.

The horns blow in the Mandir six years later.

A vendor asks Ranbir if the dress would not be too long for a child, but Ranbir says she is now six years old, so it would fit her perfectly.

Upon hugging her mother, a girl sits down excitedly, mentioning how much she has grown. She replies, “Bau jee, she has grown a lot.” She leaves explaining she has a surprise for her, bringing the thali that shows she has brought many things for her, however, the girl says that her father told her he would bring her Chuniri. Prachi says she knows her father’s choice is bad, so she will wear everything as she chooses, including earrings.

As Ranbir selects the items, he even demands the bangles for his daughter, the vendor asks Ranbir if he is sure the bangles will fit, and Ranbir confirms, Prachi also removes the bangles.

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